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More Othorns to come...

Mattias Andersson

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I have now built my firs Othorn prototype and noticed that the front grill wont fill out the mouth perfectly. Would it make a difference if I make the total width of the following boxes smaller by less then 10 mm or 3/8". What will happen to the FR, compression, the -3dB point, delay time, cone excursions and output if I made this chance? 

Yeah, I badly need those grills 😎

Best regards /Mattias Andersson



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Making the cabs smaller will reduce the efficiency and sensitivity a little. Should not affect the FR shape or extension much. It's only 10mm.

Make sure you check that the driver will still fit after subtracting 10mm though. A 21" driver frame is already very tight in this box width. 

Have you thought about adding a bit of extra wood to hold the grilles instead of modifying the cab width? 

I'm interested in seeing what you have going on with the steel baffles too. 


Good luck!

I will see if I can get a hold of Kyle about your picture bandwidth questions. 

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Hi Ricci, thanks for your input.

My first idea was to put some extra wood for fitting the grill. The ply is still untouched so changes can still be made in the plan (I'm the guy who like everything in perfect fit) Considering the size of the 21" and the steel baffles are already cut out and welded so I'll go for some extra wood for the grills to have a nice fit.

I gladly like to post more pics but can't, there is not enough space to share files 🤔 Thanks for trying to solve this out.

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