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12-15 hz @110db under $2500


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I'm looking for a design that would help me get to at minimum 110db before room gain. I like the Captivator and while its great for the money, its out of my personal budget. I have 1 BC 21DS115 or a Shs24 already that I own from previous diy projects and a Itech 8000 outside of the budget. Any ideas?

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Ported would be easiest and smallest.

21DS115 might just barely  get there if tuned to 13Hz or so in a big cab but it'll be at the hairy limits by then.  Unless you go with a GIGANTIC FLH. 

SHS-24 will probably damn near get there sealed. I've got a pair myself. It'll take a monstrous power amp to get it there in a sealed cab though. Build a big ported cab for it tuned to 13Hz and it would easily get there with some left in the gas tank. That's probably the easiest option. 

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20 hours ago, Donovan said:

I apologize I meant the hs24 not the shs24. Not sure of the response difference between the two. I'll try some modeling in winisd to see what I can do

All comments above about the SHS-24 above generically apply to the HS-24. The output you are looking for in that frequency range really comes down to moving huge amounts of air. Both SI 24's excel at that. 

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