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  1. Thanks for suggesting the Yorkville version as well. "There was .." - are they out of production? The U15 looks interesting, and where I've found them listed are not that expensive. Question is though, and this concerns the current Synergy horns as well, whether they're dialed-in too hot in the HF-region, being that they're likely to be used where the listening distance is more pronounced (like outdoors, or bigger indoor venues)? Indeed that's crucial, because I'd be using them in a domestic environment where the listening distance won't exceed ~10-12 feet. The bass capacity some of t
  2. Off-topic, but I've noticed a poster (or two?) in this thread using Danley Sound Labs Synergy horns in conjunction with the Skrams. I'm contemplating possibly incorporating a pair of SM96's in my own set-up, and would appreciate any insight on their sound - be that pro or domestic use. You're welcome to send me PM's so not to derail this thread. EDIT: Though this paragraph from poster @jay michael is quite illuminating, it appears (from page 11): /Mikael
  3. @N8DOGG -- And just thinking about the woofers in the main speakers are 15" drivers.. That's a rather massive sub set-up, not least in light of more to potentially come!
  4. Not using my set-up at "war volumes" (I like that expression), nor in any pro use settings, and there are different factors at play with my system compared to yours that would have me prefer the particular cross-over choices (slope/type and frequency) I've made between the mains and subs. That being said I wouldn't go with a gentler slope, by rather a steeper one - if you can. In my set-up I find there's a "plateau" or leveling of virtues or qualities if you will with a 36dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley slope between the mains and subs. Lower than that and the sound starts becoming a tad too placid (
  5. Essentially, isn’t a tapped horn exactly that - a 6th order BP?
  6. Heard a bunch of those KS28's at a Rammstein concert earlier this year, and I must say the sheer wallop and physical presence they delivered was rather astounding. In a some 50,000 ppl stadium we sat about the furthest away from the stage we could, in the upper balcony, and yet the bass pounded in a manner almost beyond belief. It mayn't have been great bass per se, but it sure as hell was physical, dense and loud! Btw, I thought the KS28's housed BMS drivers?
  7. Would a Danley DTS-10 get there? EDIT: Of course, the DTS-10 is likely beyond proposed budget..
  8. Interesting impressions - much appreciated. The Skram appears to be one heck of a sub (and the Othorn as well), and I'd also like to have a closer listen to the Danley's. Regarding named perceived differences between the Skram and Othorn (grunt vs. growl, if you will), I'm wondering whether the more pronounced rowdy character or "growl" of the Othorn is at least partly explained due the driver being more exposed at the mouth? The way you describe it though doesn't make it sound as if the Othorn is sonically akin to a typical direct radiator (i.e.: if we accept there is any such typicalit
  9. Good idea with the systematic study. A friend of mine has implemented a 48dB BW HPF at 20Hz on his six 15"-loaded FLH's (tuned at 25Hz), and that sounded pretty decent to me, but other than not having heard a lower HPF slope on his setup I don't know the variables that would affect the outcome differently compared to my own setup. I've never really understood the meddling with audio content that would impose HPF; leave that to the end user. Lately I've found a tendency among studios/mixing facilities to limit ULF content in Blu-rays/UHD's (certainly from Disney, added to a low refere
  10. If your use of 12-24dB BW HPF (or mostly 18dB) is implemented in the context of the subs having to endure your test-bench trials, then I take it the slopes being mentioned are sufficiently protective. I may try out 12dB BW and see whether it's advantageous in terms of sound quality, but I'm not sure it's a good idea with tapped horns if they unload more severely below tune compared to ported subs or a 6th order BP iteration like the Skrams? As is 18dB BW HPF is preferred here over 48dB BW. The overall presentation just appears to be more cohesive.
  11. Maybe this has been brought up at an earlier juncture, but is the driver in a Skram unloaded below tuning frequency similarly compared to a tapped horn or ported enclosure to necessitate a high-pass filter, and if so what's the proper/sufficient slope and type to use here - Butterworth, 2nd to 4th order? 7th or 8th order slope HPF are oftentimes considered too steep, but why? It should follow they offer better protection of the driver while "eating" less dB's down to the cut-off; to my ears a steeper HPF (like 8th order) makes the low-end appear slightly more extended for this reason, b
  12. Can you elaborate on the "low growl" aspect of the sound of the Othorn, and how it differentiates the sound of the Othorn compared to other subs you've heard? Is this something that makes the Othorn sound different compared to the Skram, even though you deem them to be "equal" to each other in the low-end performance?
  13. My assessment of the Skrams-sensitivity was with a pair of them in mind (like, emulating a single SKhorn), so that would have them hover in the 100dB territory. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. Really, I'm a blundering novice on these matters, so @Ricci and others would be much better fitted to answer your questions, but I've also had my thoughts on the Othorn vs. Skrams and what to choose here if one were to venture in that direction (I'm very happy with my pair of MicroWrecker tapped horns of @lilmike, but am intrigued nonetheless). Initially I got the crazy idea (but still releva
  14. So, in the case of your initial and specific request aimed at the Skrams it's not really about movie playback capabilities as such (a different inquiry altogether, it would seem), but simply whether they kick a** from 30-120Hz with a suggested (and, it seems, fitting) driver, the B&C 21DS115-4. From what I'm able to assess the Skrams do exactly that; being 25-120Hz monsters at a relatively modest physical size, not least in light of them being fitted with a 21" driver, close to or more than 100dB sensitivity and hitting 25Hz quite comfortably. For your purpose I'd leave all ports open, or
  15. I suspect the Skrams are as good for movies with the B&C 21DS115-4 as any other fitting driver 21" driver in this cab, the variable here being the number of ports being blocked and how this affects extension. I'm guessing, but for movie playback (and music playback in general) it seems a good compromise is blocking one of the four ports for a reasonable balance between extension and output/response smoothness in the lower octaves.
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