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dbv2 feature complete


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v1 is 7 years running!

v2: Just fixing some bugs and coming up with a migration plan. The migration is still pretty massive but I'm happy that we have got this far!

The new site is going to be a huge upgrade and I'm excited to get this launched for the community :) Overall, not a lot of "new" features but mostly just making everything a whole lot better and easier to go forward/change improve. This gives us a platform for another 6  or 7 years.

Old site

  • SQL / PHP / JS
  • Custom CMS build from ground up, limited features, small images, poor scalability.
  • Shared server, not on cloud

New site

  • Tech
    • Non-relational database
    • Reactjs front end w/ custom CMS build in react/redux
    • Most UI components are built from scratch with an updated look/feel
    • Single page web app design provides a much richer user experience
    • Template driven graphs for better control / flexibility and standardization of data
    • Custom services (nodejs) for document storage with reliable payload validation for easier error handling and service construction
    • Much better UI for image management
    • Far improved CND store for images (using Amazon S3 and Lambda for on-the-fly image scaling/caching)
    • Server is custom Heroku Dyno (Cloud based) with a .git repo
  • UI
    • Far improved readability and image UI
    • Compare feature is more full featured and you can compare up to 4 systems at once.
    • Added max output content section (similar to CEA2010, but no THD limits)
    • Drivers now get their own graphs too. We'll port the impedance curves over.


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