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New CEA 2010 in room Measurements.


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That link doesn’t work for me. 


As as far as I know, he is still following this methodology, which is traditional ground plane testing in the middle of a field.  This is also how most subwoofers are tested.



The only real alternative is testing in an anechoic chamber but those are hard to come by and would be $100,000+ to build right.


Testing in the room would not be testing the sub, it would be testing the sub AND the room.  Not very valuable since we likely don’t have the same room available as he tested in.

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I guess I missed that.

Anyway, he probably did the CEA in-room just to show how CEA test results can vary dramatically outdoor vs. indoor.  Every room is different, and there's no way to really standardize in-room testing.  As such, it's mainly there to show the large differences that are possible. 

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I have been doing most of the commercial subs in my room as well for quite a while. Mostly as a data point on the room acoustics effects I have and how distortion is lowered in the deep bass. Mic is at head position at the main seat and subs are placed in the same corner each time. Only valid for my room and that exact placement. 

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