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Mitsubishi subwoofers circa 1988


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Mitsubishi showed a 32” subwoofer in a ported enclosure at the Los Angeles AES convention around 1988 (+- a couple of years)
They didn’t provide many specs on the system. The cone was made of a light aluminum honeycomb covered by a thin membrane.
I believe the voice coil was about 6” in diameter. I don’t know about the coil or gap length. They didn’t have the woofer
connected to an amplifier. What was impressive was that the cone moved very easily when pressing on it and was solid as a rock
when the speaker terminals were shorted. The rep also said that they had a 64” subwoofer that used an electromagnetic field coil
because there wasn’t a permanent magnet strong enough at the time. I’ve searched the web for any information on these speakers
but found only 2 lo-res pictures and no descriptions. I saw the 32” with my own eyes, so I know it really existed.
Just thought you might be interested. Anyone know anything about these?
Google Mitsubishi Diatone Subwoofer for more info- couldn't find any detailed specs though.



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I hear SI is working on the BHS-32.  Then again, you never know how Internet rumors start, like I think this may be the first time SI is hearing about it.  :)


Neat suff and I've heard of a few 32" in the 80s/90s and apparently there have been some soft parts for a 32" at some of the recent shows but I don't know of any manufacturer that has actually developed a working 32".  Until then, the SI BHS-24 is the monster sub with amazing sound quality for any size but especially jaw dropping for a 24".

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Mickguz I read your email on these and figured I'd just respond here. Yes I'd heard of these and seen them discussed a few times but I've never seen one for sale or any real in depth specifications, data or other pictures. Granted I haven't looked very hard but I assume I'd have seen it posted somewhere by someone. If I remember the other name attached with them was Diatone or Diapason?

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