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Finest Hour. Serious sustained low frequency bass

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This might not be a movie on your radar but it has incredible long sessions of floor shaking bass. Not boomy or super loud. Just wave crashing room shaking bass. No idea how low it goes but its low enough to be fun. Maybe the most low bass I have ever felt. Those on a suspended floor will love this. Good movie too.

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Yes that's the one. Red box has it for $1.50.


Awesome, cheers for the confirmation :)


From what you're are saying, it sounds like that other film with lots of waves - the Asian one with lots of warships??  (Can't remember the name now...)

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Yes, lots of waves and a big storm with thunder. The lowest bass seems to come from the boat though. Inside the engine room things get interesting. I'm not sure if there is any 0-15hz stuff since my system doesn't go that low, but there is plenty of the regular low stuff to keep you entertained. I think I actually turned mine down after the first engine room scene just to be careful. Interstellar was the only other time I've done that.

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