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  1. Ricci designed the sub after the IPAL but there are still many other drivers that work in this design.
  2. Ricci was a single SP6000 enough for a pair of IPALs? I was looking at using them in Skhorns. Would have a pair of SW512's and a pair of IPALS.
  3. Its funny because IPAL is about 300 more than SW152 but still hundreds less that Eminence 21 at least for me. What was the lowest impedance for the IPAL and this cab? Does a clone 20Q still work with a pair of these in series wiring?
  4. What was your setup? in the video audio wise?
  5. So do you have Skrams or just Keystones?
  6. Is this total stack under 10ft? Trying to figure out what sort of combo I am going to attempt for myself. Divorce is about finished and I will finally be able to build some speakers finally.
  7. I didnt think there was too big of a worry with 91db sensitivity speakers as opposed to 99db or above. Ala horns and active setups.
  8. Ah ok must have skipped that part.
  9. Do we know what the price is on these amps?
  10. So where can you find these CVR 3002 amps?
  11. I'm in Adelaide. I have a pair of 21SW152's sitting on a shelf still waiting for me to build my Skrams. As long as you dont mind the long wait for shipping times there are better options that PE. But if you want it asap then PE is probably your best option.
  12. Are you wanting BC drivers and where are you located at?
  13. Do you have the T/S parameters for your 10's or better yet a DATS?
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