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  1. Ah ok must have skipped that part.
  2. Do we know what the price is on these amps?
  3. So where can you find these CVR 3002 amps?
  4. I'm in Adelaide. I have a pair of 21SW152's sitting on a shelf still waiting for me to build my Skrams. As long as you dont mind the long wait for shipping times there are better options that PE. But if you want it asap then PE is probably your best option.
  5. Are you wanting BC drivers and where are you located at?
  6. Do you have the T/S parameters for your 10's or better yet a DATS?
  7. How does this even simulate? And a single 21" will smash four pro audio 10's VD wise. So I would maximise space first before building 4-8 with lesser drivers. BUT either way great to see others trying other drivers.
  8. Well thanks for this. BC IPAL's are the best value for myself and where I live. The IPAL pair would be the same price as a delivered 24UHT. So if the 21" version kept up with the 21IPALS down low then the 24 should be a better option for me if I can swing the payment right now. Above 40-50hz the IPALS run away from the 24" but I'm only after ULF in a sealed alignment. Would @Ricci have time to ever test a 24uht? I looked at possibly getting one and having one shipped to him. Although I would then have to get a quote for shipping from Ricci to myself in Australia. Either way I'm not
  9. So do you just have the single 18's? on top of the Skrams? Or are those D.O. sealed drivers sitting on top? My options here in OZ are limited but once things are settled I was hoping to have sealed subs with the Skrams. Didnt know if others were putting the sealed subs in corners or 1/4 wall or what.
  10. Any pictures of these skrams and sealed setups? Was curious do you have the sealed in the corners or how is it setup?
  11. Curious myself as what frequency is the Skram covering over the sealed subs in others setups? I was looking at sealed/skrams myself but wasnt sure if it would do much. I plan on building a few different designs anyways to finally find which one I prefer. I have never heard a FLH, TH, Hybrid and sealed verse each other. Wont happen until later on the year but hopefully family matters will be done so I can finally (after 4 years) start building again.
  12. Same. I was looking at a pair of 18IPAL's or a single 21IPAL and came across these. Stilling havent decided but 18's and 4ohms would be easier to power. Just looks like the accordion surround verse foam. One weighs more than the other(foam) which causes a lower Fs. Nothing special like the NSW.
  13. What looks impressive about these models other than their weight? Was there a price given on the site or no?
  14. What are you using for EQ or Xo?
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