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  1. Its been a while but @Ricci did you ever like the Beyma 21LEX1600Nd driver or the Ferrite version?
  2. They are asking for 700aud shipping from France from one dealer. The local dealer here is asking 2200 for the SW152 and 3600 for the IPAL. I was looking at getting IPAL's a few years ago but couldnt at the time. They were going for 1250 each then. Probably going to go with Eminence if QC is stable. Hate to ship something from Germany to find out there is an issue. Will see what happens towards the end of the year. If nothing else changes, then when I take a trip back home(Indiana) I will just buy a pair then and fly back with them. Even ply is almost double the cost now. 103aud for 17mm for Eco structural grade ply.
  3. Ricci would the Beyma 21LEX1600Nd work in the Skram or Skhorn? I simulated the driver and it looks doable but SW152 looks much better. Problem is the BC is $2500aud each almost. The Beyma is much cheaper. The eminence is also around 3000 each. I was going to get another pair of 21SW152's but the price isnt making it impossible. AND NSW6021 is cheaper now than the SW152 but did Eminence improve their QC issues?
  4. I believe the IPAL would be the choice to go if you were trying to maximize SPL density and had a capable amp to drive it with. IPAL has 22.5mm Xmax verse 16mm or whatever BC is going by.
  5. The Ipal works just fine in this cab. The simulations shows more peaky responce but works just fine. I think almost everything I have ever simulated for the 21SW152 will also work for the 21 IPAL. And so goes the 18SW115 and 18IPAL.
  6. It doesnt perform as well as other drivers but it doesnt look horrible response shape wise. I compared my BC SW152's verse the 18LW2400. The comparison is 2400 is hitting Xmax and the 21 is at 8mm displacement. Only using this as a response shape comparison is all.
  7. The PM90 would be my go to choice if I was doing PA for a living on a budget. Other than Peters Line Array I would say its the best sounding speaker I have heard in a PA lineup. I got to hear it compared to a 10ft tall Krix pro cinema speaker and it sounded quite similar at 1/4 or less the size. PM90 only goes down to about 120hz but that is a lot of fire power in a small package. Sadly I havent started building my Skrams yet due to pricing of lumber and divorce. Hopefully will start towards the end of this year.
  8. The BC SW152 is about $100 more dollars than the SB. DS may end up being the same price. I dont know the pricing for the BC DS model though.
  9. Yes. Although I may try and get one like above with the pair of guide bearings.
  10. I will try and do the bracing with the dados in 3mm. Wont do all the panels this way. And as I said since I dont have all the plywood yet I will just make some jigs to do the dados. Will be making one for the hatch anyways. Gives me something to do for now.
  11. 3mm?. Ok I was thinking most did more than that. Here is dsI1's dado if thats what they are called. I liked how it aids in assembly. I plan to make four so I figured I could make a jig for the "dado's," to help speed things up since I dont have a CNC.
  12. Looked at making a template out of some scrap I have. I was hoping to recess the interior panels but wanted to know the depth others are recessing the panels? 1/4"/ 6mm? More?
  13. Ricci how does the SW152 or IPAL look at 15hz and 20hz in simulation?
  14. I was looking at building 2 skrams and 2 submaximus builds. I have a collection of 4 21SW152's and was going to order another pair of 21's depending on what I am lacking. I originally thought four Skrams would be enough for anything but wondered about 5-20hz. Nothing settled yet but my only other option outside of BC 21's are a pair of Harbottle 24's or a bunch of Sundown 18U's. @klipsch Do your pair of Skrams keep up with the sealed 18's?
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