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On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter


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I haven't seen anyone post about this movie yet so I figured I would share some screen captures of the movie on my DO HST-11 subwoofer system. The SpecLab screen captures are of my room with the mic in the listening position. Subwoofer is in the middle of  the front wall and the listening postion is against the rear wall. There is no difference in output at 10 Hz or 55 Hz. The Omnimic system that I used to measure the response with months ago does not measure below 10 Hz so I'm not sure how flat I am below 10 Hz or where the rolloff is in my room below 10 Hz. So having said the latter:


I used to ride motorcycles and am still a fan of them and avidly watch MotoGP racing. I think the movie On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter is pretty neat as it covers everthing from MotoGP to Motocross to flat track racing and even the Bonneville Flats. I purchased the Blu Ray before my room was completely finished and I decided to get the movie back out and watch it since my subwoofer system has been finished for a while why not throw it in and see if there is any bass. Below are various screen captures from the movie. Thankfully there seems to not be hardly any filter on the low end at all. I have more screen captures but these are a good start:



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