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So I'm looking to augment my bass down low (25hz and below) and multiple subs "may" be an option (looking at 2, 4-6 cubic foot sealed boxes with SI HT-18's + Crown XLS 1500 amp), BUT I'm trying to look at other alternatives as even dual subs likely wont be enough (at least for me :P ).


Right now I have a 5 cubic foot 21hz box filled with a SI HT-15 4 ohm sub.  It sounds good, but I want some of the subsonic stuff.


Transducers have been recommended but I want to work my way through some questions on them.


1. Will they mess up electronics like a powered recliner?  We are looking at getting new furniture and one of the things is a couch and loveseat that recline potentially with power options (so you aren't either fully reclined or not). 


2. How well do they work when they are NOT built into the furniture or the floor/riser the seating is on?  I could likely just get them to be where the feet of the couch/loveseat are on them using the kits from buttkicker, but again is that going to be worth it?


3. Do they make furniture (besides individual recliners) with buttkickers and whatnot built in?


Any help here appreciated!

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You must have made some headway in the subwoofer department, since I distinctly remember you being very hamstrung by WAF, much less so than two 6cuft boxes going on your prior thread.




1. Probably not.


2. Best when they are built in.


3. Yes, but have to look around, and will likely be $$.


Also look at Crowson Transducers.  Very good WAF and infrasonic potential at the same time, but pricey, and different than a shaker device.



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I have an older Crowson Transducer and I love it.  This is coming from some one who has a Seaton SubMersive HP in a 1000cf room.  I am using one on one of my Lazy Boy recliners.  You just put the Transducer under one corner, or leg of your chair, then you put 3 of their "levelers" to even out the chair,  My friend has them under his riser, and his powered recliners are on the riser and there is no problem there.  As I said, my Crowson is not built into my chair and it works great.  The beginning of EOT is a new experience, along with a lot of other movies.  


Go to the product section to learn about them then go to the seating section which I think lists companies that have chairs and such with them built in.

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