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PROEL HPX-6000 pictures/feedback


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I've put some pictures up of this Proel HPX-6000 (3000 Watts per channel 2Ohm stereo) amplifier (see below) and have now installed it in my system. It has adjustable input sensitivity so I set to 1.0 Vrms (0dBV). I notice an increase in signal strength immediately. I was able to take 10dB off the MIC2200 gain level for this channel as a result.


Input Sensitivity (options): 0.775 Vrms (0dBu) / 1.0 Vrms (0dBV) / 32dB (fixed gain)


I chose 1.0 Vrms as it is close to what my Crown XLS5000 is (1.25 Vrms, 3600Watts Bridged mode). My JTR 2400 Captivator's are wired for 8ohm so I'm running in bridged mode and the Proel HPX-6000 amplifiers output is 4100Watts in this setting. I know others can hit 126-130dB with dual Captivators wired for 2Ohm. I calibrated my Dual Captivators using a Ratshack meter so they're level matched. I ran the abomination scene from TIH hitting peaks of around 116dB (Ratshack meter again) during heaviest moments. I have discussed in another thread the gain structure issues (causing input signal clipping) I've been having and have received some great advice. I have taken a couple of steps to selling off a couple of components in the signal chain which were redundant and bought a balanced preamp and balanced DSP but am yet to receive those items yet so signal chain is still the same for the moment. The Crown clip lights flicker quite a bit during the heaviest scenes but sounds okay, no distortion. The Proel's clip lights I only just see flicker for the briefest of moments however there is obvious distortion as a result during same demanding parts. This is the first time I've ever heard distortion from one of my Captivators. I will swap each one over to see if there's any difference.


Edit: No difference both exhibit exactly the same distortion.


Given that I'm only hitting around 116dB (with both Captivators in action) and the Proel amplifier clip lights are barely noticeable at all could it be one of the following.


1. Driver limits have been reached but I wouldn't have thought so? I have had the Caps driven to a 118dB peak before which had no distortion using my Behinger EP4000 and the Crown XLS5000 although the Behringer clip lights were coming on hard and the Crown lights were just flickering.


2. Proel HPX-6000 Power amplifier is the cause not being able to deliver a clean enough signal for demanding material and specs aren't true even though it's rated higher than the XLS5000. Wouldn't clip lights come on harder if this was the case?


3. Complete speculation here but if a certain SPL (e.g 130dB) was achievable in 2Ohm stereo provided there was enough power is it reasonable to expect the same SPL could be achieved in 8Ohm Bridged mode?


If someone can tell anything from the photos about the Proel amplifier your feedback would be much appreciated. I will have the new components next week and the clipping should be lessened further as my gain structure/headroom is improved.


The Proel amplifier also has an Anti clip limiter which is always active (according to the manual). There is also a soft clipping option which can be activated that smoothly limit the waveform more gently than the Anti Clip limiters. I have the soft clipping activated. I'm also thinking about rewiring the Caps to 2Ohm any reason not to do this?





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Copied from your other thread...


Rotel Preamp-> MiniDSP 2X4 unbalanced-> Samson s Convert-> MIC2200-> Crown XLS5000 or Behringer EP4000-> JTR 2400 Captivators


It is very difficult to tell from your descriptions whether this has anything to do with the amplifiers.

As we mentioned in that thread your signal chain and gain structure are convoluted and it seemed like you were already having trouble with the other amps in the chain too? My gut tells me that if you are hearing distortion yet the subs don't seem overdriven and the amp is not clipping yet it is probably the minidsp clipping or another piece of equipment. With so many units in the signal chain who knows. If you want to get to the bottom start with running just the Rotel straight into the amps and eliminate some of the other stuff. See if the amps or subs still make that distorted sound. You likely need to go through your gain structure starting from step one.

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Had a good chance to put this amp through its paces. After initially being pleased with the result I ran in to a problem. I have only ever heard distortion from my Caps whilst using this amp. Never with the Crown XLS5000 or the Behringer EP4000(although it's power limited). I first heard distortion at quite high levels and as stated above when my signal chains gain structure was less than ideal. Having now rectified the gain structure issue I noticed that during the "John Wick" club scene at moderate volume the sub distorted at moderate levels when trying to reproduce that content. This was with the sub wired 8Ohm. I bit the bullet and rewired for 2Ohm both subs now and used the Crown (dual/stereo mode) playing the same scene without any issue at all. Not sure if it was something in the way I had the amp settings but it's now going to be sold and I'm glad I went to 2Ohm anyway. Only one amp required. It seemed to be lower content around port tune which caused problems during that scene and wondering how an amp with this rated power could be so incapable? I could try now putting in the Proel to test it's capabilities for 2Ohm but think I'm going to sell it anyway.

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