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The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

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Avengers:Endgame BEQ (Dolby ATMOS 7.1 Channel Bed)


I finally got a chance to screen it with the BEQ, and it is a substantial improvement.



LFE Channel

1. Gain -7dB

2. Low Shelf 17Hz, Slope=1, +6dB

3.  Low Shelf 18Hz, Slope=1, +6dB

4. Low Shelf 19Hz, Slope=1, +6dB


LCRS Channels

1. Gain -7dB

2. Low Shelf 25Hz, Slope=1.25, +5dB (3 filters for +15dB total)

3. Low Shelf 50Hz, Slope=0.5, +1dB

4. PEQ 30Hz, Q=2.87, +6dB



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fwiw this release can show the bass managed result of a set of filtered channels in the app, updates live as you change filters and reports on headroom available - https://github.com/3ll3d00d/beqdesig

Ready Player One BEQ (Both UHD and BD have ATMOS tracks, this correction was applied to the 7.1 channel bed)   All effects that need to gain power/heft do so.  I like this BEQ, and this

FWIW I decided to knock up an little ui to make experimenting with BEQ easier (so it can extract audio using ffmpeg & show the results of adding assorted filters, comparing tracks) hence it remove

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters: ATMOS 7.1 channel bed



I initially put too much midbass in the first iteration a page back on this thread, and it was awful.  It works better this way, with more 'heaviness' where needed.




LFE Channel:

1. Gain -7dB

2. Low Shelf: 18Hz, Slope 2.5, Gain 6.5dB (3 filters for a total of 19.5dB)

3. Low Shelf: 36Hz, Slope 0.5, Gain 5dB


LCRS Channels:

1. Gain: -7dB

2. Low Shelf: 16Hz, Slope 2.0, Gain 5dB (3 filters for a total of 15dB)

3. Low Shelf: 32Hz, Slope 0.5, Gain 3dB




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Bumblebee BEQ (ATMOS 7.1 channel bed)


The effects that matter get more weight.  Also got rid of ULF noise in LCRS that was prevalent in the mix.




1. Gain: -7dB

2. Low Shelf: 10Hz, Slope 1, Gain 6dB

3. Low Shelf: 16Hz, Slope 2, Gain 5dB (3 filters for 15dB total)

4. Low Shelf: 32Hz, Slope 0.5, Gain 2.7dB



1. Gain -7dB

2. Low Shelf 22Hz, Slope 1.2, Gain 5.25dB (3 filters for 15.75dB total)

3. low Shelf 44Hz, Slope 0.5, Gain 0.7dB

4. Highpass Filter, 2Hz, 6dB/oct



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On 2/24/2020 at 6:27 PM, maxmercy said:

Updated the first post links to the corrections.  More BEQ to come, starting with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Thanks for what you do buddy. 

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