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4-CH amps with low fan noise?


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looking to reduce the size of my amp rack.  Currently use 3*P7000S and 1*P5000S (Yamaha)  which are silent when not operating at high output.  Ideally looking for 4 channels in 2U that can do 2000W/ch 8ohm but as I also use this rack at home with low fan noise when at low output.  With modern technology this should be quite easy! but it seems like the minimum fan speed on most amps is programed relatively high.  So far I have heard the Labgruppen C series is quite quiet so that's a possibility.  I wonder if anyone else knows of quieter amps? 

The other idea would be to just get a load of 1/2U EXTRON xpa amps and have a low power 'b' rack hidden away at home, replacing my current Yamaha amps with something like Gisen K21x4 which we already have been using two of for a year on a larger system and been impressed with its performance for the price but is quite noisy. 

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Another idea would be to use amp modules to make my own amplifier.  It looks like I could fit 8 channels of this:


in 3U (needs space for heatsink on base).  Hypex also sell high power modules:


At a lower cost I could also try and find who makes these modules and devise a cooling system for them:


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I think the Powersoft X8 is the only amp I know that delivers the power you're asking for in a small space with more acceptable fan noise than those clone amps produce. It's by no means quiet, but the fans ramp up and down very quickly and in the video I've seen the amp didn't seem super annoying at idle.

The X8 does 8x1600W into 8R in 2U, but will also drive 2R and below. You'll get SOTA processing and features, but also a SOTA price tag.

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Any experience of the fan noise of the Linea Research amps?

I don't think you can buy an X8 even if you have the money at the moment as the electronics parts shortage hit Powersoft hard and they prioritized install.  Powersoft give the following spec:  fan Noise - 1/8 Maximum Output Power @ 8 Ω (1m) 40 dBA SPL, so if idle could go <35dBA at idle that would be fine I think to use at home.

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went with the 'B' rack solution of two EXTRON XPA 2004, more than enough power for home use.  This also means my other rack is less restricted on noise so I can replace my Yamaha with high power Gisen amps and shrink that rack size and weright.  The Yamaha also have decent re-sale value so the total cost is low.  

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