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scar audio 15in vxf d4 ported sub build concept


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cab is to be made from layers of birch an mdf

driver choice wired to 2 ohms currently own (scar audio vxf 15in d4)

amp is crown xls 1502 775watts at 2ohms per ch

cab concept dims with driver at 4.5lt are to be 16in w by 26in h by 9in d = 2cft

outer 12in d by 22in w by 60in t

port lenght 86in l by 4in h by 9in d

with 6in flair

in winisd port m/s velosity

opt 1. without parometric eq at 25hz .q=1 by 6+db is 15.8m/s at 20hz

opt 2. with parometric eq at 25hz .q=1 by 6+db with 24 dB/octave (4th order)highpass at 16hz is 30m/s at 20hz

with opt 2 an the port size an length do you think id get port Chuffing



sofaside vxf15in d4 15.png

vxf 15 d4 ported at 20hz at 5ft tall with 4x9x 86 port.png

sofaside vxf15in d4 13.png

sofaside vxf15in d4 8.png

vxf 15 d4 ported at 20hz at 5ft tall with 4x9x 86in port.jpg

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Pretty much all ports can be made to chuff and compress. Yours seems to have generous flaring which would help. The amount of bends may cause a lot of turbulence and the length looks really long, so watch the pipe resonance. Also the tuning would be difficult to judge with the end terminations and so many 180deg turns. This almost seems like it could be made into a TL variant. 

If it were me I'd probably move the vent to the bottom somewhere to prevent the possibility of something falling in. I'd try to minimize the bends in the vent as well. Just somethings to consider.

Nice renders BTW. 

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thanks , an as for the port on top is were id need it my ht room isnt very wide an with the sofa ther not a lot of rom on the sides to park subs an get by without wacking legs or feet in to one hence way the cab cons of tall an near flat the sofa demo pix with the subs with the driver aiming forward is just for show the planned layout is to have each on either of the sofa with the drivers aimed torwards the respective wall the idea is to bounce the lft effect of the ceiling a walls back to the center as both would be about 4ft away from the subs the wall 4ft from the driver an the ceiling 4ft from the port the cab builds are to be a foot thick so being on either side of the sofa is the ideal spot

in the past with a smaller sofa an some prefab cabs for an earler set of subs this was the sweet spot in the ht room 

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