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  1. THANKS FOR ALL THAT 3things 1. i didnt build the xovers i had them made by Bill Daniels at D+S TECH LABS as iv had a few some far made by him an they work fine 2.have you heard of or know if is www.audiovideoparts.com reputable to buy from 3. what do you think of the https://www.audiovideoparts.com/ecommerce/en/1725-ciare-ch250-bicono-250mm-150w-max-4i.html Ciare CH250 http://www.loudspeakerdatabase.com/Ciare/CH250 the xover i had made has a attenuation down by -6db past 400hz
  2. does anyone know if is www.audiovideoparts.com reputable is this a good driver https://www.audiovideoparts.com/ecommerce/en/1724-ciare-ch201-bicono-200mm-200w-max-4i.html
  3. does anyone know if is www.audiovideoparts.com reputable https://www.audiovideoparts.com/ecommerce/en/1724-ciare-ch201-bicono-200mm-200w-max-4i.html
  4. is ther a equivalent to the Ciare CH252 for under 175$ that has near same fq response an same ohm an wattage
  5. does anyone know were i can get the Ciare CH252 any legit website
  6. with the B-C-10CXN64-8-10 could i wire in parallel to 4ohms with a added crossover on the hf termanils like the Dayton Audio 2k-HPF-8 High Pass Speaker Crossover 2,000 Hz 12 dB/Octave
  7. or could i use a set of the GRS PT5010-8 10" with one front an one rear like deftechs dipole towers
  8. what do you think about using the PRV Audio 5MR450-NDY-4 5" Midrange Neodymium Woofer 4 Ohm as a mid to hhigh with notch filters at 5000 , 7000 , an 10000khz to control the fq spikes
  9. i like that B&C 10CXN64-8 10" for my mids to high but is ther any thing like it in a 4ohm 6in version under 200$
  10. i would almost go for a pair of GRS PT5010-8 10" Planar Mid/Tweeter 8 Ohm stacked in a horizontal config on the front with a -6db notch filter at 8500khz to smooth out the spike but i dont know if anyone has tried that before
  11. thanks , an as for the port on top is were id need it my ht room isnt very wide an with the sofa ther not a lot of rom on the sides to park subs an get by without wacking legs or feet in to one hence way the cab cons of tall an near flat the sofa demo pix with the subs with the driver aiming forward is just for show the planned layout is to have each on either of the sofa with the drivers aimed torwards the respective wall the idea is to bounce the lft effect of the ceiling a walls back to the center as both would be about 4ft away from the subs the wall 4ft from the driver an the ceiling 4ft from the port the cab builds are to be a foot thick so being on either side of the sofa is the ideal spot in the past with a smaller sofa an some prefab cabs for an earler set of subs this was the sweet spot in the ht room
  12. i have no idea , though some reviewers from partsexpress told my when i asked a similar ? that with this drive comb-filtering, HF beaming, off-axis power response, would be a problem when the drivers that close but that farther apart i would my primary resoune for picking the 4 fatial is the fq response an ohm the fq is smooth way out into the high with no bad spike an the ohm allows me to wire in parallel to 4ohms for the xover at 80watts to the high not to blow past the cone excursion limit i do have as of 3days ago both the Dayton Audio RSS265HO-44 10" fyi the xovers high are attenuated down by -4db i would prefur to go with a singal 8in fullrange if i could find one with similar fq response an be 4ohm with a 100rms that was under 150$ with a Sensitivity 94dB an a (Xmax) of atleast 10mm with a frd zma file for modeling
  13. the crossover was built specifically for the stated drivers an the cabinet ft3 for the sub an rads the four full-range drivers will be in a sealed compartment
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