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Could you recommend someone in Europe who could CNC all the pieces of my own subwoofer design (Solidworks) without it costing an arm and a leg? It's a one-off custom project for my own HT.

It’s a pretty serious piece requiring a few advanced cuts, going by what a few friends ‘in-the-know’ have told me, so I don’t know what kind of machine is required - although in my world, it’s basically just a “simple box” with no rocket science involved. But OK, the bracing is pretty brutal, so if Apollo 13 had been as structurally sound they would probably never have had their “Houston, we have a problem” moment… 😉

Here’s a link to the design (HTML eDrawings). Use right-click for options like removing or isolating pieces:


I’m open to suggestions from anywhere in EU or the UK as long as the cost is competitive to justify the shipping cost.

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I could probably do it, but I'm booked out at least until the end of October. Had a glance at your assembly and it's quite a big project with all the bracing going on and stuff. Also, I'm not exactly sure how I'd ship that flatpack from Germany to the UK and if that would be a reasonable thing for you to do. Shoot me a PM and we can talk about the details.

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