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  1. Starving to see your construction pics 😻 hope you can share some audio measurements when you finish the cabs !!
  2. Yeah, double the cost and double the weight ...blah blah... laws of physics cant change them
  3. the Skhorn is a 24x32x54" cab with dual opposed 18 or 21" pro drivers. to minimize vibrations and walkaway of the cabinet!! lol !! it is not the walkingdead, is the walkingsub!
  4. Ahh, kind of danley TH118, those are called tapped horns right ? or just horn subs
  5. what about 2 high sensitivity 12"s , i saw that on most "PRO" subs that's what they use, is there high sensitivity drivers on 12" size ? looks like the car ones are not focused on sensitivity, thing is that, if we can get away with similar or better output with less money on car drivers or PA drivers like dual 12" or quad 8"'s or 10"'s , i wish that costwill be around 400 for the drivers... not 800 that is prohibiting right now for most of us. and btw, once you have enough on your piggybank, and get the recommended 21" , how you will fit in to it, i mean as you have a 4 hole mounting baffle already, with an already glued speaker, how do you modify it to stick a 21 there ?
  6. hey. what subs you have built ? and i looked for the l-acoustics arcs and it dont show as current production in their site, so they are not being made anymore ?
  7. Sorry to hear man, and yes this economic price rise have been stoping almost to a halt all the plans to build or acquire stuff , gas prices raise and thus all the chain that have to do with it, with the pandemic all of the factories and stuff in the chain suffered a lot, thus we are seeing shortage of everything and prices to inflated that you need to sell a kidney to get a pro 21" driver literally. hang in there better times must come... at least i still do not loose the faith.
  8. What i mean is he suppose to have 2 bass cabinets per one top cabinet, what i normally saw is 2 SRX828 with one SRX835 on top, but this guys only had 1 SRX828 tall standing ( portrait mode LOL) instead of 2 Bass cabinets in landscape mode , anyway, many thanks for your comments, i am learning along the way as i am reading and reading some more. i was looking at the Paul Morris PM90, PM60 top cabinets plans and geezz, those are 12" MDM configuration , dual 12" with the HF driver in the middle, but they are not 2 way they are 3 way was the HF is coaxial and guess what B&C DCX464 that at todays price is like 850+ bucks, just for the HF driver. and 2 12HPL76 are 240 each so , 480 + 850.. plus the horn , he used a ciare PR614 at 120 , 480 + 850 + 120, then add the wood, i guess you will do with a songle sheet of 4x8 , thats another 60 plus... screws.glue, duratex or liner and inside foam. another 60 ? then the grill, another 60 ? so 850+480+120+60+60+60. total 1,630 , i mean i wish to have a cost for 500 so to be on my ballpark, still 1.6k is nothing compared to NEXO,MEYER, EAW and RCF just to say some big names cabinets. i know something like that will cost around 3k each cabinet. so. ohh my. this effin pandemic just bringed up that speaker and wood prices have gone crazy up beisdes gas and food prices. i wish i started this in the 80's :(, anyway. i will keep dreaming of having a compact stellar PA, i think my short-midterm project will be a pair of SKRAMS per side and one poors man PM90 ( similar design with budget drivers ) and a pair of CVR 3002 amps and btw, i just found out something that maybe all of you already knew Behringer are in the same conglomerate as this brands MUSICTRIBE ( wow ) I want a Lake 44 !!! lol Midas Klark Teknik Lab Gruppen Lake Tannoy Turbosound TC Electronic TC Helicon Aston Microphones Bugera Coolaudio Eurocom
  9. ok so this is the thing, there is a place inside, around 50' wide and around 80' long on the dance floor,the stage is centered in the back around 30' wide 15' long and it is 5' from the ground , the ceilings of the place is around 20' so i think that is not as bad as lower ceilings. bands play there on weekends and they bring their own PA and was not thrilled ( most cause they do not have a FOH guy and others do not not know what they are doing ) but one setup that despite was not a stellar mix ( and by the way the best from the pack ) was this guys that had Active JBL SRX , one SRX 835 on top of one SRX828 , per side... just that. I know you suppose to have a 2:1 ratio on subs, so 2 subs per one top ,but they only had 1 sub per top and also if i were them i would cluster the 2 bass cabinets on one side , they are loosing 3db right ? cause they are not putting the subs side by side? anyway, from the other far end of the room the bass was full and the mid and highs just ok. the mix was not right cause you cant hear the drums but that is not the speakers fault at least i want that kind of sound pressure level. ( i will get a SPL meter later on so to measure the average SPL at my listening point ) one skram will sound like 2 SRX828 ? power amps i have is not that great, 1 dbx driverack PA over 1 PLX3002 , one XLS2500 and one XLS2000 ( wish to have BSS or XTA processors) but they are out of my range.
  10. the worst is that in 2022 prices skyrocket high and salaries have not. that su.... big time. how many watts you need to feed the skram's, and what is the headroom you need to have .
  11. thats great man !! can you share what drivers you have used and how do you modify the skram to fit them ?
  12. lol, but one SH50 sound like 8 JBL's , speaking of DIY Tops what would be some recommendations, i see people that run 4 linear style cabinets per side , sometime on top of the subs and sometimes hanged with scaffolds or truss, is there any DIY plans for linear type tops ? , also what about the vertical stacked 6.5" drivers i see one person who made RFC NX-L24A Clone to use as tops. can you stack those side by side or you need to separate them by some extent
  13. Im not shure but the ashly proteas and even the peavey digital ones suppose to be better than the DBX entry level, thing is that not anybody can tell the difference on a blind test on a live setup,i wish to have an XTA or BSS lol., there is an EV and a mackie processor also and many guys still use the behringer unit, so i cant tell by myself as i only have the old driverack PA.
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