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  1. skramsheet3.dxfskramsheet2.dxfskramsheet1.dxf Looks like it could be made on 3 sheets if all were 23/32 or 18mm thick sheets. The slots would need to be adjusted though from the ~.495 to the ~.724 on a few of the parts now. Thanks for the dxfs @dsl1 If you make an actual cutsheet dxf, please share
  2. Thank you for clarifying! I apologize for not realizing that to begin with. I have a B&C 21SW152 8 ohm version sitting in a box. I guess I should work on nesting some of your dxfs and make the 152 a home.
  3. Thanks dsl1. Still no dice. If I import the dxf's into VCarve, Aspire, or Fusion360 in metric or imperial, I still do not get the same sizes as shown in the pdf. Maybe I should not be comparing the dxfs to the pdf? Edit: After looking at more parts, it appears that the dxfs provided do not match up with the 233186287_Skramprint.pdf (and maybe they were never intended to be). Example: 1472850171_TopBraceSkram_TI.DXF would theoretically be Sheet 16 Part M in the 233186287_Skramprint.pdf. However, it looks like 1472850171_TopBraceSkram_TI.DXF is really Part M and Part N together in the 233186287_Skramprint.pdf. If that is true, I've been comparing things I should not have been, no?
  4. I've exported dxf out of fusion360 sketches and imported into Vectric or Aspire in the past. Those always match dimensions. Maybe there's some setting I need to find to import these dxf files from solidworks to get matching dimensions to the pdf? I'll try to adjust the scale. Thanks menace.
  5. Thanks for another great design! I've imported a few of the dxf files into Aspire and Vectric ... They seem to be a different size/dimension than the PDF listed dimensions. Is that accurate or do I have a problem on my end?
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