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  1. That's a mean looking monster stack in that picture! I like it! You should decorate that beast during Halloween and scare the trick or treaters. Just did a nice hour long listening session of pretty much every genre of music that exists. Finally got my first clipping/signal light to show up on the 20000q clone amp driving these skrams in a Gorgon City mix called "FTPA". The last bit of that song pushes out what feels like 30hz tones on crack. Pretty sure the skrams laughed at me, and said, "is that all?" Crystal clear and visceral.
  2. A few of us have sh50s and skrams. One even has sh50s, skrams, and skhorn 😲. There's also an individual that had sh50s for LR with a sh96 as a C who now has one skhorn. I think the quote you shared explains things quite well. All I could do is reiterate that with a different subjective contribution. The synergy horn design is marketed as a true point source. They do magical things for my ears in my room. Combined with some skrams and the only thing I may end up changing is adding more skrams. I have 2 extra channels on this Amp that aren't beigg used right now, so that's just a waste, right? If you have an opportunity to listen to any synergy horn, I highly recommend it. Danley allowed the unity horn to be implemented by Yorkville. There was a u15 and a u215 IIRC (passive and active versions). Those designs were not full point source as the bass was handled by drivers outside of the unity horn. However, they can still be found and are usually not too expensive. Could be another option to pursue in hearing a danley loudspeaker design.
  3. I know nothing. Will be interesting to see your learnings.
  4. Did a test of one skram in my room with different port tuning with high pass bypassed and no PEQ. Low power and gain test with the mic at my MLP; -20.0 on pre/pro and MLP is about 14.5 feet from the skram. There are room nodes/nulls to account for, but hopefully this gives an idea of port tuning response of the skrams.
  5. I have 2 channels left unused on this sinbosen Amp...😧
  6. Start building two more now and thank me next week after these two are operational. They're like the Lay's potato chips slogan
  7. Ground VS grounded VS grounding... those terms are many times used interchangeably and they should not be used that way
  8. Haha I can read it that way too. That could be the lazy way to turn off the breaker instead of going to the panel
  9. Ground and neutral will use the same bus bars back at the panel, unless it is not the main panel. Subpanels can be wired separately (which then converge back at the main). The main bus bars should be connected to the pole that's at least 8 feet in the ground.
  10. That's a good deal on the QSC. Enjoy those skrams! The clone I have is running on a 240 20 Amp. I'm sure these amps appreciate the higher voltage and amperage
  11. I just got rid of all my LR filters to land on my current settings that I am really enjoying. Go figure. I started with LRs with the intent that the sealed subs and skrams and SH50s could all keep the frequency response flat where each was being integrated. However, I was getting unfriendly nulls no matter what the time alignment. Once I'd solve one, another would crop up. I just switched everything to BW24s. Then, decided to play the sealed subs 0hz up to 90hz and skrams 31hz up to 100hz. I too was surprised how much better I liked the 100hz crossover. I did crank it up to cold war volumes for a bit I've been lacking that chest compression in my room, which I enjoy when listening to live music / drums... No longer. If Ricci will sell those other NSWs test models for cheap, I'd build 2 more skrams Ended up here for now: I'll be looking forward to what you figure out in your testing.
  12. Haven't EQ'D the skrams yet, but do have levels and time/phase lined up (I think) in the room with the other drivers in the room. Still running the skrams wide open. These skrams with the NSW are visceral, clean, and dynamic. I'm not an audio review guy, so I apologize for my remedial description. My ears and chest are highly enjoying the skrams. Thank you again Josh!
  13. I was looking at the 380 as well. It was well regarded in the forums I came across. I was convinced to try a clone though. So I ended up buying a sinbosen 20000q. I know many of us understand the circuit board experience, but I think many of us are interested in the route 66 dead hooker story.
  14. @RicciI have some closed cell foam. Would that work to block the ports? I only made a 2 port block out of wood and would need something else for that duty. Guessing a High pass LR48 @ 14hz for the 3 port test? I have 2 HT18s nearfield in a front firing sealed box behind the MLP for full tactile. However, even though I'm on a concrete slab, the 6 other HT18s behind the screen in 3 DO sealed boxes do give tactile feel in the seats, but I would not give up the nearfields at this point. And the sealed never gave me as much chest compression like skrams either. Maybe that's on me with the previous positioning and calibration.
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