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  1. Any chance you could throw the 18sound driver in there?
  2. Thanks! The Eminence really models closely to the IPAL and should be much easier to drive. Price VS modeled performance is an interesting decision
  3. Thanks! I feel that would be appreciated by many
  4. So many driver choices. Great news! Sure would be nice to have a comparison of each in one set of graphs
  5. Naturally . There were 9 in stock. I bought 2. I use camelcamelcamel.com for price alerts. Perhaps there are similar sites for those not in the States.
  6. Price drop on the 152s 4 ohms at amazon. $500 each https://www.amazon.com/21SW152-4-21-Inch-Ohm-Neodymium-Subwoofer/dp/B00HJK24GC
  7. I would have said the same thing! What I've observed is that it depends on species, glues used, and where it was made. I've seen Chinese 9 ply birch that was no where near as good as US 5 ply pine (Chinese was flimsy, warped, etc.) The Chinese ply had 1/120th veneer and the US had 1/40th (as measured with calipers). The birch Chinese plywood also looked like it was made with Douglas fir as the cores that had birch veneer on each face. I'm just going by my own experience of people bringing me material to cut here in the north east of the States. These may not be issues in your experiences and locale. Been traveling a bit lately. Hoping to get home and make some skram saw dust.
  8. Birch here in the States is cheap in my area, but it is usually Chinese crap. The Canadian birch here can be decent. 13 ply Baltic birch in my area is 3x the price per sheet of good southern US pine but the Baltic is 5x5 VS 4x8 for the pine. Would really love to see an objective comparison. More plies isn't always a better thing either, but I feel like this debate has been had in every wood forum countless times. I avoid MDF cutting on the cnc. Not a fan at all.
  9. I find that the made in USA southern US pine plywood is really nice stuff and is in most big box stores if you don't have access to a nice local lumber yard (usually about 30 bucks for a 7 ply and 36 bucks for a 9 ply 4x8) . It's a lot nicer from a rigidity and void/blemish perspective than the big box store birch plywood (especially when the birch is from China and not Canada). While classifications differ, I think the big box stores pine are BB/CP. Baltic birch plywood at A or B is another story. I wish I had the equipment and time to test resonance differences and such between the same cabs built in various materials. (looks not being a concern, just objective sound performance)
  10. Yes. 4x8 sheets. I generally use 4x8 pine if painting with duratex/restorex equivalent and using fasterners. The expense of a maple or Baltic has not seemed worth it in my experience unless staining.
  11. skramsheet3.dxfskramsheet2.dxfskramsheet1.dxf Looks like it could be made on 3 sheets if all were 23/32 or 18mm thick sheets. The slots would need to be adjusted though from the ~.495 to the ~.724 on a few of the parts now. Thanks for the dxfs @dsl1 If you make an actual cutsheet dxf, please share
  12. Thank you for clarifying! I apologize for not realizing that to begin with. I have a B&C 21SW152 8 ohm version sitting in a box. I guess I should work on nesting some of your dxfs and make the 152 a home.
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