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Dual opposed TC sounds subwoofer/TV stand


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I have a pair of TC Sounds LMS-R 15" which I purchased new back in 2013 but unfortunately never got around to incorporating into a system.

My needs have changed- I recently moved house and need a TV cabinet- and I thought I might be able to kill 2 birds with one stone-

a dual opposed subwoofer that serves as a TV cabinet.

These fancy fandangled flat screens are getting quite big. Mine is "only" 55".

I'm thinking 12cu ft tuned at 21Hz for an F3 of 19Hz gives a maximally flat response, using circular or rectangular ports.

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I wouldn't bother with triple thick baffles. Most of the vibration reduction would be from coupling the drivers through the cabinet walls in the opposed arrangement. Double thick baffle is good for counter sinking, but not really needed for strength in most cases. 

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On 2/1/2024 at 5:45 AM, maxmercy said:

Pictures of the constructed sub?


One of those wild ideas during COVID19 when we were all locked up inside.

In all seriousness, I ended up buying an off-the-rack TV cabinet. The TC Sounds LMS-R 15" each sit in a sealed 2cu foot cabinet.

Dual opposed bigger vented subwoofers, a dream project for another decade, I think...

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