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B2 Audio XM18 vs Dayton Ultimax UM-1822


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Next up: building the enclosures for them. 

Also in the planning stages for my 11 surround. 5x MEH's (LCR + rears), 1x pair of DIY LaScalas (side surround) and 4x 15" custom heights. They will all be using the same compression drivers (Faital HF200, or maybe even the better 20ATs) in 2 ways. 2 of them are already on their way from Canada, and I already fixed a huge deal on the other 9 (yes I have a problem with paying regular prices :P ). Also got a deal on 8 of my 16 15" ers. Been busy (it's not like I have exams or something... OK I do and I really shouldn't be wasting all this time hehe). Now on to the search for decent crossovers for the project. Trying to find a decent deal on a Xilica 3060 (or OEM product, but it's hard to know which ones are equal in quality) for the LCR, and I'm trying to get a deal on 4 miniDSP HD's for the rest of the surround. At the same time I'm looking for a new couch, something like a real cinema relaxer. Preferably one with a lot of place below so I can also try to build the riser beneath it. Oh and did I forgot to mention I'm also looking at the possibility (more like viability) of a DIY 7 channel tube amp? Oh it's gonna be hectic few months! Love it! 

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