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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I am looking for some help in "baking" in some EQ for my DIY subwoofers, before doing bass management in my processor. I currently have a pair of sealed 150liter cases with Faital 18XL1800 elements. These are EQ by a MiniDSP 2x4 HD and powered by bridged Pascal amps. These are inspired by the sealed subs from Grimani, Procella and of course JTR. I have REW and UMIK and some basic understanding of the steps involved, but I am unsure as to what will be the " correct" way to proceed. In the JTR Captivator S2 review their is stated that "S2 is still employing significant low frequency boost in order to extend and flatten the response down to below 20Hz" The way I see it is too: a) use a Butterworth 6db LPF@25hz to bring out the low bass Or b) add bass boost where the room gain starts to drop off. How should I proceed to design and implement that freq shaping for my subwoofers? I am unsure why most people seem to be using option (b) and not (a)? Anyone able to explain the theories behind these methods?
  2. Hey Instead of constantly derailing my own subwoofer rising project, I though it better to start a seperate topic to compare to very good drivers with each other. As far as I can see the B2 Audio brand is very reputably, but not so known. They are also European based ("Sweet Like Danish") which is why I doubt any of you know of them. Goal is for a sealed (or ported if it all possible) enclosure (max 290L / 10cuft internal withouth bracing and driver) to cross the sub 30hz region flat and as low as possible. Hopefully down to 10-15hz. I will probably end up building 2 so you can take that into consideration. My room is about 100 cubic meter / 3600cuft. Listening volumes are low (I only listen at 85-90dbs generally, but the bass can be higher ofcourse), but I do want some headroom (and option to use them at reference level if at all possible). B2 Audio driver: Dayton Audio UM1822
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