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Low Frequency music


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I am putting a Dayton um18 in my car soon and have looked though my collection for tracks that have strong components below 35hz. So far these are the gems:



#1!!!! Immortal One - The Cosmic Effect mixtape      (category: hip hop instrumental)

This is a mixtape of a handful of songs. As you can see most songs have strong notes in the 35-30 and the 30-20 hz range. And not a bad mixtape either!

Graph of first few songs attached.

Demo on soundcloud:



and here are some others (all have elements below 35hz)


6blocc - great gig in the sky (remix) (solid 32.5hz) **

p-note - just (sweeps down under 30hz) *** 

commodo - space cash (solid tones and components around 30) ***

c418 - subwoofer lullabye (audialist remix) (solid 32.5)***

commodo kahn gantz - so familia (solid 30hz most song)

kromestar x captain- who r u (some solid around 30hz action) ***

kromestar - there just dreams
kromestar - old face
mister - six attack of the giant fly (20hz)
versa - rain fall in dub (sub 30hz)
kromestar - system log
kromestar jay5 - backwoods (sub 30hz)
kromestar - untitled clouds (lots of near 30)
dark tanturms - cosmic (mixed component)
th7 immortxl7z - phxntom godd7ss
th7 immortxl7z - ht7 pursiut (mixed well between 35 and 18hz)
kromestar - in 2 minds (some mixed ~ 35HZ)
kromestar - technique (near 30 every 32 beats)
kromestar - purple cloud (mixed down below 30hz)
synkro - midnight sun(lots of octave syncing with lower octave around 30hz)
immortal one - z7n (27ish) *
captain - trapped inna zone (30 solid)
captain - gameboy bangs (32.5)
reso - blissed out (apsis remix) (solid below 30 often)
versa - shadow movement (sweeps to 32.5)
devnik - five point palm exploding heart technique (near 30 solid lots)
th7 immortxl7s - 90210 (lots of sub 30 hz note)
radikal guru - dread commandments (35 hz notes) (passes because its soo good)
kromestar - galaktic war (33)
kromestar - noiz
Edit heres more:
calyciforus - glyndon (33)
samiyam - snakes on the moon (32)
kromestar - heavenly calm (34)
kromestar - the forge (34)
danny scrilla - rigel7 (mixed through 30)
sub basics - elixer (29)
kromestar jay 5ive - starsky and hutch (mixed down to 20)
k41 - rain (33)
anex - siena (33)
om unit - cradle (35)
cyberoptics - shades of orange (32)

kromestar - sidetracked (35)


edit heres more:


cessman - positive thinking (33)
KROMESTAR - REGGIE (23)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <cool song
cessman - deep space (37)
th7 immortxl7z - new love (33)


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You might wanna check out some Dub-Techno, some albums feature extremely low bass.

Like for example DeepChord presents Echospace - The Coldest Season:



It's the complete album, around the 1h mark is the coolest part for bass in my opinion but there is plenty more.

I've run some of it through SpecLab a while ago and ther is definitely strong sub 20HZ bass in there (probably even <10HZ, it's been a while).

Youtube compression may be filtering out the lowest bass here, not sure though.


And if anyone still owns an N64, try playing Super Smash Bros on the Donkey Kong stage, the bass ridiculous (lowest is at about 22 HZ).


As for mainstream music, try Imagine Dragons - Radioactive, it's mostly 40-50 HZ but there is some sub 30 stuff in there too.

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Cool, cheers for the recommendation :)



My copy of Kromestar arrived and it's...  moody...  lol


Will need to listen to it again when the neighbours go out!  (I swear the woman downstairs literally leaves the house about once a week, grrr.)

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