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SI's modular CNC machined aluminum basket shallow 12" development


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I have been devloping this driver for at least six months but today has marked the culmination of the trials. This may not be a very "data-bass" driver but I think/know it performs well within its design criteria (target of 0.5 to 0.7 ft^3 sealed). I thought you guys might like the direction I've taken the prototype:


I built the prototype today and everything measured great. Here are pictures from the build this afternoon followed by a list of preliminary T/S's. I say 'preliminary' because after Patrick tests it for Klippel it will be thoroughly broken in and the Qt will be lower, Vas a little larger, Fs a little lower, etc. 
Here are pictures:
New spider landing/motor carrier on the left compared to the previous spider landing/motor carrier on the right:
Modular basket assembled onto the new motor:
Side shot without moving parts:
Side shot with most of the moving parts [minus the dome]:
Completed shots:
I used 4 AWG terminals for this prototype but I will not be using terminals this big on production. There will be 10 AWG terminals on the production drivers that look much better than these monsters:
T/S Parameters:
Re: 3.6 Ohms
Fs: 25.6 Hz
Qes: .44
Qms: 3.42
Qts: 0.39
Le: 1.8 mH
Sd: 82.51 in^2 (53235.9 mm^2)
Vas: 44.5 L
BL: 21.2
Mms: 348.1 g
Cms: 110 uM/N
SPL (1W/1M): 84.0 dB
SPL (2.83 V/1M): 87.4 dB
Preliminary recommended enclosures are:
Sealed: 0.5 to 0.7 ft^3
Ported: 1.4 ft^3 tuned to 25 Hz
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