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Pro Audio Hackathon at MotionLab.Berlin Nov 12-14th


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[ I hope this is the correct place to share this, if not, please (re)move my post! ]

I'd like to share our upcoming "Weekend of Sound" in Berlin, Germany on the weekend between the 12th and 14th November!

Link to the FB-Event-Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/424940612643183

The idea for the event came from the "High Order Quarterwave Society" community (link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bassaz), but this time

we're going to build&test other subwoofer designs as well.

We'll have a SKram, B&C's "Isobaric"-Sub design and an 21 inch "C-2A" Paraflex build planned for that weekend.

All designs will be tested & measured with as many different drivers as possible (we're currently building up a collection of interesting models)

So if you're around Berlin that weekend, we'd be super happy to welcome you as part of the event.

Interested?  PM me here, or write me an email (see text below)


Original text:

Addicted to sound?
Interested in building high end, large-audience very loud sound systems?

Join us at MotionLab.Berlin to build & test the newest version of SKram & Paraflex Subwoofer designs.

We’ll build & measure new subs, compare their performance to older versions and other brand Sound Systems.
Meet the brains behind the smart designs, discuss new approaches to get the perfect setup and listen to incredible speakers!

Friday from 17h on: Meet, mingle, CNC
Saturday: from 10:00 build & measure
Sunday: measure & build

Where do I sign up for this event?
Seats are limited, so please contact Chris via email for attendance: ci@motionlab.berlin

This event is free of charge!

- All Subwoofer-enthusiasts, Speaker-builders & Audionerds

MotionLab.Berlin (link: https://motionlab.berlin/)

12.November.2021: 17-23h Build & Assemble
13.November.2021: 10-23h Test & Measure
14.November.2021: 10-14h Outdoor-Test (if possible)

We follow the "3G" rules: If you're not vaccinated or cured, you'll need a negative covid test from an official testcenter.

SYMPTOMS: If you have cold symptoms or have recently had contact with someone who is ill, please do not attend the event for everyone's protection. People with clear cold symptoms will not be allowed to enter the event. These rules sound harsh, but unfortunately they are absolutely necessary.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you. 

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