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Help needed with 18" Sub selection


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Hello to everyone on the forum.

I am considering my 2nd diy sub project and am really unsure about selecting the suitable driver for my needs. If anyone could kindly advise me it would be really helpful.

About my room.
My room measures 6 meters wide by 5 meters deep and ceiling is 2.2 meters High.

I like 60/40 music and movies.
I am running an atmos system.
I currently have 2 JL Audio 13W7's in sealed enclosures and they are in manufacturers recommended sized enclosures.
These are driven by my inuke 12000 dsp @3 ohms.
The subs have served me very well Im just looking for a little more presence, better sound quality and something that goes a little deeper.
Most important is sq and for the subs to be musical. Basically quantity over unclean spl levels.

So far I have been considering
1 Dayton Audio 18" reference 460 sub in the sealed enclosure with the flat pack bundle.

2 FI car audio sub 18 Ht1 or HT 3
Only draw back with this option is I cant just throw it into the ready cut enclosure that is for the Dayton Audio 460.
I like the idea of using the premade flatpack as it will be a neater and cost effective route for me. (Im not very good with constructing from scratch)

If there aee any other drivers out there that will excel the W7's in an 18 inch size please advise me. Im not even good at the subwoofer enclosure program that everyone uses. Iv forgotten what its called.
I look forward to your advice and any suggestions you may have.
Thanks in advance👍

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