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  1. If you have a CNC at hand you can route some grooves which should help with assembling and gluing process. I did not have one so I used lamello joints for easier assembling and increased stability. This was my gluing order: 1. Baffle and horn 2. Base with ports 3. Braces 4. Outer sides It was a pain in the ass though. I am glad my friend -a master carpenter who owns the workshop- helped with the gluing and I never knew that you can get sore muscles in each and every finger. You are going to need a lot of large and strong vices, too! Gonna post some pictures later on how it went. From the fluid mechanics perspective i would say that you are moving large amounts of air back and forth repeatedly in different frequencies all at once. There will be turbulence all over the place no matter what you try. Even though I was also tempted to round of "F" I ultimately went with the original design (well almost...) Good luck!
  2. Hey everybody, I am wondering if and how you seal the area between your cabinet and handles, cable terminals and so on to minimize air leaks. I was thinking about using some 1mm neoprene sheet and was wondering if someone here has got experience with it or what you are using instead. Cheers!
  3. Will do. Got some tolerant neighbours and a wide field in front of the house, but unfortunately my mic is only built for 128dB. Should be enough for those civilized measurements, but I will try my best to make it suffer 😉 I love this truck! I had it as wallpaper and all of a sudden he's wearing a custome 🤣
  4. Just unloaded the wood for my 2 SKRAMs, starting the build on Thursday... oh boy 😻 Unfortunately I don't have access to a CNC router so I have go with lamellos instead. When it's finished I will probably reinforce some critical edges with glass fiber fabric & epoxy resin. That has to do for now...
  5. @rolo95 For the moving sub problem I would recommend those anti-vibration rubber mats that you can put under washing machines. Cheap and effective. You can even cut them into smaller pieces to save cost. A washing machine is a hell of an unbalanced beast and still I've never seen one move (significantly) even after years of operation. Those mats also equalize uneven floors up to a certain degree and protect your subs from scratching. Or the floor itself if you're ever playing on parquet.
  6. Hey everybody, my system is growing slowly and steadily. Soon I'll be ready for summer! While getting used to the DSP software I was playing around with crossover setting. My cabinets are not finished yet but I was already wondering how everybody else feeds their Skrams? I will be using AE TD10Ms as mids with fs=40Hz so I should probably not go too low with them. How high/low are you cutting your Skrams off? Blessings, Domme
  7. @Ricci I think the stacking problem of your initial post has not been solved yet and I was just searching for corner protection and stumbled upon those https://www.thomann.de/de/adam_hall_4071_cabinet_corner_plastic.htm Me and my slight OCD find them much more elegant than trying to make stacking edges because they look much less asymmetrical, but if you want to go for them it should work as long as two neighboring edges have negative patterns, even if you rotate them. Just take a look at this very professional diagram that I made to understand the principle of those corners because my brain somehow refuses to think in transformation matrices. I hope it will work without math but I hereby declare that I won't take any responsibility for resulting damages 😂
  8. Thanks! He doesn't own a CNC router so we have to use lamellos instead or even do some manual routing of dado joints if unavoidable.
  9. My carpenter friend is unhappy with using 12mm plywood for the vent section (parts "I") because he wants to use lamellos for easier assembly and thinks 12mm might be too thin for them. I assume that if we use 18mm plywood instead and just make the whole cabinet 18mm wider to preserve the vents' area it shouldn't be much of an issue in terms of tuning. Is this correct or am I missing something? Best wishes for the weekend, Domme
  10. Thanks everybody for the input and interesting amp discussion. I'm gonna be using an original FP10kQ and I am considering to get another one. I think one on each side would be a good start with huge headroom for a 3-way system and I would still have enough capacity to double up at a later point or migrate to 4-way with another amp. Anyway, cabinet building is coming closer and I am just studying the plans and converting the measurements to round metric numbers. Does anybody know why there is this 45° cut in the front panel C? I think it will get used as a handle in combination with the back-side hatch handles and now I am afraid that the sharp corner might break at some point and/or lead to injuries. I would prefer to use a rounded edge instead if it doesn't serve a meaningful purpose. Cheers, Domme
  11. I never considered the damping factor before, but did some research on it and tried to reproduce your numbers. I succeeded when using the following formula: Is this the approach you took? If so, you most likely have forgotten to include the output resistance of the amplifier and much more important the voice coil. If we only consider these, we get the maximum possible damping factor (Re taken from 21DS115-4 TSP and halved because of parallel wiring): If this model is correct then the damping factor can never get below this value. Even in 16R operation and with perfect cables we only get a DF of ~14. So it looks like cables only have a small impact on the damping factor unless they are extremely long or thin. Anyway, I was planning to use 4mm² cables. Not because of the damping factor but for current density and voltage drop reasons. Still, I see the benefits of using higher impedance drivers. Sorry if I got a bit off-topic here. I promise to make up for it later by taking a lot of pictures 😘
  12. @peniku8Thanks for your reply and summary of the drivers. I already cancelled the order earlier today because I decided to do additional research and get some input from more experienced people. Unfortunately, I will not be able to start working on the cabinets until somewhen in February anyway. However, one thing confuses me: you are speaking about the 4R DS first, but in your comparison you listed the SW and DS in their 8R version, which the FP10k could not fully support, at least not in 4-channel mode. Did you recommend them because of my plans to maybe upgrade to 4 Skrams later with the damping factor in mind or was there another reason? Until now, I never noticed that there is no impedance recommendation on the SW/DS in the initial post. I must have thought it was 4R because it was still in my head from all the Othorn stuff I read earlier. And then I picked the FP10k to match it. I can't wait to finally get started with building 🙂
  13. Happy new year fellow bassheads, I would like to introduce myself and announce that I am going to join the race for clean and low bass and decided to build myself a soundsystem that is going to include pair of Skrams (might double up later...). I am Domme from Germany, a DJ of Dub(step)/DnB/Jungle aka heavy bass music and very spoiled from my premium hifi sub (SVS PB12+/2), which hits the 20Hz mark cleanly and also quite loudly but of course lacks capacity for extended SPL-sessions in larger venues with its "only" 750W and 2*12" setup. It still is one of the cleanest bass I have ever heard so far, even at pretty high output levels, and I do miss the low frequencies a lot when I hear familiar tunes in commercial venues/festivals apart from a very few good DIY soundsystems. I love the culture and looks of the more traditional sound systems with their huge scoops and stuff but I don't think it is the cleanest and deepest bass, it's mostly loud. But I do want to deliver a clean and deep bass and not just loud one, at leas there is no war volume required right now. I am also very restricted with weight and dimensions since I only have a small crew, rather small vehicle and so on, especially because I don't exactly register my events in the current situation if you know what I mean so I have to hide in the woods where the floors are uneven and I would sometimes need to haul above roots and stuff... my initial plan was a pair of Othorns but when I worked through this thread and read about the Skram's benefits regarding weight and dimensions plans were changed quickly. Imagine someone building a Skram because he calls it "more mobile". I also prefer the driver to be hidden and protected from external sources of hazard like the audience, weather etc. Now I still have some questions on driver and amplifier. The Skrams might even replace the SVS in my home setup, where I would really like to have a pair and not just a single sub for increased tuning options and overall better room control. Driver questions I already ordered a pair of 21SW152-4s for the Othorns and at first I was glad that they can be used in the Skram as well. Then I read about Riccis recommendation to use the NSW6021-6. Could someone please explain to me why the NSW6021-6 is supposed to be easier to drive? Wouldn't it require a much stronger amp (wattage-wise) because of the higher impedance? The thing is that due to xmas/nye I can still return the 21SW152-4 because they have not been delivered yet (14 days return policy in Germany). Now I am very tempted to use the NSW6021-6 instead. Main reason is because I trust Ricci and the good reputation he has on several forums. More headroom sounds good to me so I would rather spend 50% more per driver than having to build and haul more cabinets. And ~45% increased driver cost is still better than having to buy a bigger van. Amp questions Closely related to the driver question is the amp question. For example, SME said that the NSW6021-6 is supposed to be easier to drive with common amps. Do you just mean easier because the load is lower? Because I would still need a bigger amp to deliver the power at 6 Ohms, right? And this is most likely not compensated by its 1dB increased sensitivity. Anyway, I am planning to use a Lab Gruppen FP10000Q for 2 subs and 2 tops. Do you think it's fine for them? In the (distant!!!) future I would probably upgrade to 4 Skrams and run all of them on a separate FP14000 and use the spare 2 channels on the FP10000 for kicks so the Skrams can fully concentrate on the frequencies below 80Hz. But as I said this is most likely not going to happen this year anyway. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Kind regards, Domme
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