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  1. Jay I ran through your videos, thanks for posting those! Did I miss where you address the noise floor on the CVR (perhaps, I skipped around)? I know earlier in this thread there was discussion as to how dead quiet the NC500 Hypex modules are, I can confirm, I have two NC500 monoblocs in my living room on a pair of Martin Logan electrostats, dead quiet. I'm still working on a NC502MP module amp enclosure install I have here (I need a hand to finish it). If I buy a CVR 3002, will I hear any hiss or buzz in my speakers? Thanks!
  2. Kicking back this thread for a question: What is consensus on sealed box volume for these drivers? Ricci's test in some places report 6.12cu-ft, in other places 4.5cu-ft. The manufacturer doesn't recommend sealed but they seem fine in a sealed enclosure from these reports. I want a small sealed enclosure, smaller is better but as long as I'm doing it custom I should target some known good volume, also is this recommendation gross or net? This driver displaces .34cu-ft according to the manufacturer: https://rockfordfosgate.com/rnt/rnw/docs/1176/1220-59308-02_subdisplace-adv.pdf I'm hoping to find someone in the Midwest to custom make some funk audio style enclosures for this driver forward firing under the screen in the middle of my house's media room (so looks are important too). Max height for the boxes are 22.5" including feet (which is what lead me towards this driver). https://www.funkaudio.ca/store/p18/Funk_Audio_-_18.0LX.html (see gallery). Thanks for any enclosure fabricator suggestions and target volume recommendations! Anthony
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