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  1. Too bad. I still enjoy the crazy stunts though. Hopefully San Andreas and JP4, and Terminator 5 will be good.
  2. Has any one done Furious 7? I am sure it's filtered, but I watched it last night and it was that bad. I mean, there was nothing to really shake my Crowson but there seemed to be a few sweeps in there. The explosions really did not rock my room but I did find the bass good enough to enjoy the crazy stunts in this film.
  3. That would be cool. If it's not too complex, or cumbersome to implement, I would do that for a few films. I will look for your "how to" in the next few days.
  4. Nope, neither of those are going to happen. I am not that obsessed about it. Even the first one seems excessive.
  5. For this option, you don't mean every single movie I have in my library right? Because that would be insane. The first option is a little better, but I don't know, it still seems like a pain. I would have to look up, or keep a list of all the movies that need changes close by and do it every time, That seems tedious as well. I don't know if I am that dedicated. I mean, all of these movies don't sound horrible because I have that Crowson that goes down to 5hz so no matter how low the bass is recorded, I will still feel it.
  6. So are you saying that when I am done watching one of the movies with the filters, and I want to watch another movie without a filter, I have to go in and take out the filter? Booo. That seems like too much work for me. Maybe I am being to critical, but I can't see myself doing that. You said, "however if you did it this way..." What is the other way? That every movie is filtered all the time?
  7. Don't worry about it. I found the section and all the filters in Jriver. It's just looked so complex and way out of my league. Plus, it looked like they were global settings. I would not want that. I would just want to set it for one movie and have the filters tied to that one movie then move on to another movie and so on. I did not see how to make it so I could do that. If I have to set up the filters, for each movie independently, every time I want to watch that movie. For ex, One of the movies I have is Avatar. Let's say I do the filters for that. I want the filters to be permanently saved for that movie so every time I watch that movie, I wouldn't have to do the filters again. The let's say I want to do Man of Steel. I don't want to have to undo the filters I did for Avatar just to do Man of Steel and again, it would be great if the filters stayed with Man of Steel every time I watched it. Does that make sense? I don't know how to tie a specific filter to a specific movie and keep it with that movie. Or even if that can be done. I guess that's my point. I hope all that made sense .
  8. OK, This is way beyond me at this point. I will stick to whatever I get on from the disk. A man's got to know his limitations. I can say it because it's about me, but I am a dummy when it comes to this part. Some of what was posted above did not even look like English to me.
  9. That would be great. I learn better by seeing an example.
  10. OK. That. makes sense. Maybe some one can make a sticky on how to do this with Jriver, like there is a sticky when using that other device, if there are people who use Jriver. I just want to know that this can be done for individual movies. I would really like to try this so I can report back what I find. Thanks
  11. OK Max. At least I know it can be done. But now I have to learn how and what to do . And if it can be applied to each movie independent of each other. Now, when you say -4db or things will clip, what does that mean. If I put it -3 0r -2 that is a no no. But -5 or -6 will be OK? I hope I can figure this out.
  12. If I am using Jriver MC20, is it possible to do any of these filter type changes? If so, can they be done for each movie individually? I am only asking because I think Jriver has some kind of eq function.
  13. Were there any measurements on Furious 7? I would be interested to see if there is an audio difference between the theater cut and the extended cut.
  14. I saw it in the theater. In the theater I did not get the feeling that this would be a big bass movie, but maybe it is. Could be a sleeper like Ice Man seems to be. I saw that in theater as well and I did not experience anything outrageous in that film either, but many people have said it has a lot of bass.
  15. Found them. Looks pretty good to me. Looks full range and I would say it was an overall stellar track. Hand many good punchy and room shaking moments. But this wasn't rated right? I may have missed it but I would have rated it pretty high.
  16. I got you. I have another request . What about The Equalizer with Denzel. To me, that seemed like it had some good moments. I will also try and vote on the ones I have watched. But some on that list are ones I am interested in.
  17. Has anyone ever measured The Professional? If not, is there any chance of doing this version? http://www.amazon.com/L%C3%A9on-Professional-Theatrical-Extended-Blu-ray/dp/B002O5M4SA/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1435146129&sr=1-1&keywords=the+professional+blu+ray I have a feeling that it will go really low, but the level and dynamics may not be insane. My guess would be between a 3-4 stars on this one. But it would be cool if that one cold be done. Just a suggestion .
  18. That's cool. I just feel better knowing that the numbers and ratings are pretty close when comparing a TRUHD track and DD track on an Atmos disk. It sort of puts my mind at ease knowing that I am not really missing that much in my particular, 5.1 setup. I can't do Atmos anyway because of that so I was worried that the DD track was crap compared to the TRUHD tracks that are on these newer Atmos titles. I have to say that with the two Atmos movies that I do have, the DD tracks I got from them, sound as good as the "real" TRUHD tracks from other BR's.
  19. Great stuff. Glad to see the DD 5.1 track listed for The Expendables 3 here as well. That's the one I use since I use a server and my Jriver version does not play back the Atmos track so I can't convert it to TRUHD through my Integra 80.3. I thought this was a good one anyway. Is there a chance that you could do the same thing for other Atmos movies? It would be really cool for people like me who can only get the DD 5.1 track right now. TF4 comes to mind.
  20. Has anybody done Die Hard 5, A good day to die hard? My Submersive and Crowson were really getting a work out through out the entire movie it seems.
  21. Thanks. I hope it has the bass like the one you can buy has. I have read where sometimes they don't give you the best sound track when you get them from places like Netflix. Although I could be wrong. I don't know if that's how you measure now. Plus I wanted to say that Live Die Repeat(edge of tomorrow) is pretty damn good. That sweep in the beginning is just un-real. Not many movies make my room shudder like that one does.
  22. Any chance of doing Leon: The Professional. It's a directors cut with a black cover, I think that might have some low ambient bass. There were a few moments that really took me off guard.
  23. I don't have any time stamps, but any chance of doing an oldie like Dark City? I also have to agree that 9 is 5 stars for sound all the way.
  24. I looked but maybe I missed it. Is Aliens BR on here anyplace. Some parts seem to have a bit of some bass, probably not that much but the ending seemed really weak. I was wondering if anybody has looked at this. I have the extended version which is a better movie overall in my mind. But I don't have any time stamps. I was just wondering if anybody has done that movie. Thanks
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