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  1. Do people have hope for BvS or does everyone think it's going to be a loudness war, clipping, filtered mess. Not that the movie was stellar, I would get it for demo purposes if it wasn't a horrible mix.
  2. dgage, that movie with LIsa B was called Angel Heart and yes, that ranks up there with being an extreme movie. Even though Robert De Niro was really good.
  3. OK. Cool then . Yea, I think my folks realized afterwords that maybe that wasn't the best movie to go to that night .
  4. I am really a well adjusted guy so I don't know how my remark would give you insight into who I am. I hope your were not being serious, hence the smiley face.
  5. I am going put a big NO in here as well. There are a lot of F bombs, along with other choice words. The violence is a lot and bloody. Plus there is a quick nude scene. So no, I would not recommend this for a child/young teen. For us adults, it's great. Tons of inappropriate one liners and the 4th wall is shattered which makes it that much better. Just like South Park the movie wasn't for kids, even though it was a cartoon, this is not for kids just because it's a "super hero" movie. Because as Deadpool states, "This is a different kind of super hero movie." I thought it was great by the way. Not because of that stuff. It was just a good movie. dgage, do yourself a favor and search for deadpool red band trailer. You will get all the info you need there.
  6. Thanks. That looks solid to me. It would be great to have it measured over here like the other movies so we can see if it is clipped and other specs. But I think my sub and Crowson will be happy with this.
  7. I watched the home track as well because people seem to indicate that it was a better overall track. I am a big time Criterion collector. I just wish they had a few more multi channel sound tracks as opposed to just mono. But if you buy Criterion, you buy it for the film and picture, less for the sound. I just wish more sound tacks could be like WOTW or Elysium or Oblivion or EOT or some of the other really good ones. It's a shame that we have to suffer through bad sound tracks sometimes. But... I have yet to watch SW TFA in my own room so I will reserve judgement until then.
  8. I understand. I guess I just also don't like the loudness war either. That seems to affect how movies sound in the home as well. What's interesting is that I have one BR that they put the theater version of the audio and a home version of a DTS-MA soundtrack on the disk. So the user can choose which one to play. It's too bad more movies can't do that. It might make a difference. I watched it with the home mix and it sounded really good. I have not watched the theater mix yet. I guess the real test would be to play both back to back to see if anybody could hear a difference. The movie BTW is the Criterion release of "The Game". https://www.criterion.com/films/28058-the-game As I said, one is the original theatrical release and the other was optimized for HT viewing and was supervised by the person who did the sound on the film. I just thought that was interesting. I know mixers do a lot of work but it's too bad that what I described above can't be incorporated into the workflow .
  9. OK. I understand that. But instead of willfully filtering out those frequencies in the track itself, isn't it possible to have a setup where the soundtrack and LFE channel are full range and reach their potential, but then have the actual movie theaters implement their 30hz filter on that track to make it louder but when it is brought to the home that won't happen since it was never filtered to begin with. I realize that won't happen because it would too much work for each theater. And having two mixes, one for the theater and one for the home remastered to lower that peak is probably a bit too much to ask also. But if something works like all the 5 star films. and even 4.75 films here, it would be great if there was a template that could be used to carry those settings to other movies. You know, that's something that I never really paid attention to. I just took a look at a number of charts here and the majority of them, even some of the 5 star ones, have a peak at 30-40hz. But I guess those movies have other aspects that make them 5 stars. I still can't wait to watch this over the weekend though. I still think it will sound nice in my room.
  10. Does this seem to be the norm now. A nice response to just before 30hz. Then a ramp and peak right at 30hz then it just goes down from there. Not every movie, but a lot of movies seem to employ that. Or am I wrong. And if I am not wrong, why did this trend start. I hope to test it in my system pretty soon. P.S Thanks to everyone who does all these charts and explains what they mean .
  11. No problem. I can't wait to check this out. I hope my Crowson is pretty active . At least it doesn't seem to be as objectionable as other films are. Thanks for the explanation.
  12. I saw the same graph and thought the same thing. I think my Crowson will pick up some good stuff with this one.
  13. So far, I like what I am seeing. I am anxious to hear it my own system. But one thing has me confused Above you say " Not the loudest or deepest but very impactful and dynamic. And no clipping!" Then you say So I'll start this off by saying there's good evidence this soundtrack is brick walled at -3dB, leading to a track that is paradoxically both lower in volume and riddled with clipped wave forms. I'll take a close look at the waveforms this evening. Not sure what brick walled at -3db means (filtered?). But then you say it's has a lot of clipped wave forms. So does that mean that when you just listened to it, you could not tell that it had clipping and that's why you said no clipping? And you, plus other people said it sounded great. But the measurements show it does have clipping but it does not affect the overall sound track in a negative way? Is that what you are saying. So that must mean that in the end, regardless of the clipping, the audio guys did a really good job of not having it be a bad thing for the movie. Plus I figured that 13hz would probably be the ultimate low end.
  14. Looking forward to seeing the numbers and charts. Glad to see no clipping. I am anxious to watch this myself.
  15. I agree. Just don't clip the hell out of it and give a nice even slope somewhere down low. It doesn't need to get to 5hz (although it would be nice.) I would take 12-16hz cleanly any day of the week. That way I can turn it up louder with no issues if I want to.
  16. No problem. I am a novice when it comes to the techy side of things. I just hope it doesn't totally suck like some of the others that people think are bad. I will reserve judgment until I get to see on my system and see some measurements here. I can handle loud. As long as it is clean like you say. I still have a hard time picking what films are good and not based on numbers only. Sometimes the level and dynamics look like they should equate to a good soundtrack, but then everybody hates it. Then other times the level and dynamics look good to me and people say it's no good. Can't wait until next week so I can see for myself.
  17. Man, don't bring me down on a Fri like that. It's just not cool. Plus, I know it's not this sites measurements, but the chart for STiD looks a lot different then the chart for this movie. I mean, STiD just drops of a cliff where this looks like a much more gradual decline. I will take anything down to 16-15hz with hints of content below that because my Crowson will pick up those parts, I just hope it's not a loudness fest.
  18. First, that initial chart looks good to me. I am looking forward to seeing the numbers on this site. Second, I appreciate what you're saying here . Now I just hope that the measurements show that it does not have insane clipping. But from feedback, it seems that it does not.
  19. I did enjoy this one as well, regardless of what some critics said. I still need to pick it up though. I am also happy to see these results. The last few BR releases, seem to be hitting the mark sound wise and bass wise. Not a bad finish to the year.
  20. Check out Cinemasins (sorry I don't know how to make it look like the one above my post. 19min, so settle it. But it is worth it ) . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ktrp11dQBA
  21. Little disappointed in San Andreas, but there is some content that my Crowson will pick up. At least it's better then cutting it at 30hz 0r 40hz. Jurassic World looks like a winner for sure. Any thoughts to San Andreas being different if I just watch the TRUHD track(which I can only do). So can I assume little to no clipping on either of these. Those charts that have the line on the right seem to indicate that the level isn't crazy, but just enough for both movies.
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