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  1. Speakers


    Klipsch KLF 30

    Klipsch KLF C7

    Klipsch KG 5.5

    Klipsch KG 4.2




    Elektra 7 channel power

    Cary Cinema 11a

    Crown XLS5000





    Dual Passive JTR 2400 Captivators




    70 inch Sony 850b



    Not sure what my next purchase will be but tend to buy used and keep things for up to a decade technology permitting. Pretty happy at the moment. Very happy with the bargain buying on some of my gear here too!!

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  2. Wth718. So I have compared the beach scene in EOT and the flyover beach scene in BATTLE LA. I did think it was good but not in EOT league IMO. To me EOT has more weight, feel and massive impact to its big effects which convey better what's happening on screen. There's a real magnitude. B:LA has maybe a touch more content but no jaw dropping moments like EOT does (this is only the beach scene being referred to). The overall LFE presentation in EOT sounds cleaner too, less muffled and draws you into the action. I think I would rate this as the best LFE movie of 2014 retrospectively.


    Also revisited Star Trek (romulans) this evening. Great bass ride and would rate this higher than I previously did.

  3. Holy S... that Raganrok looks like a monster pardon the pun...... I've been trying to rent it but nobody stocks it. Haven't tried to buy it but may just get one of the store's to order it in for me. I've got Ratatouille here in my collection and just run it for the kids through the TV occassionally as they love it. I liked it too but never watched it on the big system. Can't believe I've had such a gem sitting there so will have to rewatch again now that you've (Nube) just given it a glowing reference. Even if I only watch the first half.

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  4. I enjoy the unique system here used to rate movies. Nobody expects it to be perfect. I have ported subs (no offence taken BTW Max) and despite the inability to reveal content below about 17Hz I like to contribute for others out there who may have similar setups. I think that I'm not too bad a judge on the bass quality and any comments made about content above 17Hz will be valid for everyone. I'm glad to be able to confirm or deny what I think is going on by using the great info posted here. I think having a variety has a positive influence on the overall execution ratings.

  5. Nube was right about the ported crowd being pleased with Fury and then some. Right in the sweet spot for me and some demo worthy material in amongst it. I really loved the clean presentation and variety. A couple of scenes shared similarities with Flight of the Phoenix barrel roll with a pressurising of the room only not as sustained. Very cool though. Filmmixer has done a great job on this one IMO. Equaliser up next.

  6. Guys not sure if this is the best place to ask but suggestions on where to post would be appreciated. I've just moved house and too cut a long story short the new room isn't anywhere near as good as the one in the old house for HT. I'm talking bass here. Main difference is much more glass on the walls, floorboards and my EQ curve is very boosted in the 60-90Hz range (+10dB peak). No matter what I do I can't flatten out the response. In real terms this is resulting in some boomy bass (I think) from certain scenes I know really well and knowing what it sounded like before I can't bear it. I use a Behringer MIC2200 for PEQ but would a mini DSP be a better option? Also sub placement is different and more limited as to what I can do in the new room. I guess I will have to experiment with what I have to see if that can correct some of the issues. Any feedback appreciated.



    Edit: Posted over on AVS too.

  7. Bao here's a couple of moments in Nine for you. "Goes for a fair while and starts about three quarters of the way through the movie 54mins-59mins and 1hr 4mins-1hr 8mins. A couple of epic scenes in this awesome movie."

    Hellboy 2

    I have found running the bass a bit hotter for this movie works well even though the level suggests shouldn't need to. See scene below. I copied and pasted this

    Attached File 01430.bmhttp://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=932p 3.75MB 34 downloads Here you go, One of the lowest sweeps in any movie. :wacko: (thanks to LFE MAN for this scenecap). Sorry can't get it to attach the  file. Anyhow its at the 14.30sec mark and its a short violent bass burst.... a bit messy but I think the links there now. Other scenes are the Forest Elemental scene (starts with a tiny bean down the drain) and the end scene where they fight the Golden Army. Many others too but can't remember. Give it a boost and you won't be disappointed.

  8. Don't want to get carried away here but..... EOT seemed to me to be the real deal. Just watched it and thought bass was brilliant in this. Only my ears to judge but they're still ringing from the assault. Good movie too IMO even after all the glowing reviews. Expectations were high and it delivered. To me didn't seem to be anything wrong with this, bass was powerful and clean but I only have my ears to judge. I think there were scenes in the movie which went pretty low because my subs were moving a lot of air. I loved the opening to the film with that extraordinary bass burst stepping lower incrementally. I know it's been likened to sine waves but I thought it was pretty cool. A real holy shit moment though if caught off guard and lesser subs would surely be cactus if not equipped with some sort of protection. Damn that content was hot why would they do that? Not complaining though. It caused the most excursion I've ever seen on one of my drivers. The other scene which causes similar convulsions would be OHF Washington monument scene although for a longer period. Overall audio was outstanding. Surely Tom Cruise must have some kind of influence given the strike rate WOTW, Oblivion and now EOT. Best's CATWS, which I thought was pretty good. Apologies as I did get carried away in the end.


    Edit: Just saw the comments regarding being unfiltered so confirms what I thought. Makes it even better!

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  9. Check the Google Docs linked in the first post for all the "Requests" and what I currently have measured but have yet to post.


    I will second that. A big thanks for the guys here doing all the work to reveal content and what's really going on within the audio. Especially Nube/Maxmercy et al.


    What are your thoughts on Edge of Tomorrow Nube? Getting a lot of rave reviews but won't be out here for a few weeks yet.

  10. I'm not sure if it's clipping (it may well be) but I get exactly what your saying about the tripod foghorn cry. I used to think something was wrong with my centre channel until I heard that scene played on someone else's system and it did the same thing. I also noticed a couple of other scenes in that film do the same thing to the centre channel (one where "Tom Cruise yells at son Robbie" the same sort of scratchy sound emanates from the centre). These are pretty obvious too but only seem to happen in centre channel. Very annoying and makes the system sound terrible. Wouldn't be surprised to find out that this is what clipping is and why people find it so offensive. Occasionally notice more minor scratchy sounds coming from the centre during dialogue in other movies too. The better sounding films dialogue are crystal clear in the centre normally (no scratchiness at all) and it's a good reference for me as to whether I like the overall audio mix (bass excluded).

  11. Just wanted to thank the guys for mentioning when a movie has good mid-bass impact.  Some of us (or maybe I'm the only one in this thread  :D ) only have subs that only reach down to 25Hz.  Thanks!



    I'm guessing here but the new Captain America could be suitable.


    Looking forward to this one. Gotta ways to go as it is slated for September 9th. I have not really seen anything that good since Lone Survivor. Hope this one is a winner. 



    What's with the release date on this movie? I'm in Australia and we're normally about six weeks behind down under. Is the release scheduled for Sept 9th in the States? If so wonder why so late. God I look like a fanboy for this film. :lol:

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