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  1. Having been on many chat rooms and forums over the past 17 or so years, it's always sad to see great contributors to the hobby move on. I understand the desire to follow your passions and laud it, Take care and drop in once in a while, my friend.


    We'll make sure there's a system in the corner stamped "Aj72" waiting for ya. B)

    I'll definitely be back bigger and better! Next time it will be Infrasonic!
  2. Enjoyed this site immensely and thanks to everyone who's given advice along the way. Sold all my gear today so will no longer be able to vote! Pursuing another passion. Really great site here and I've spent many hours following other threads because they hold much interest even though much of it went over my head. Bosso if I can get one of your systems to Australia I might be knocking on your door when I decide to get back into it.

  3. so if ragnarock blu ray has to be watched.. it has to be Norwegian 5.1 DTS-HD MA with english sub titles on?  and not selecting to watch the movie with English 5.1 DTS-HD MA ?





    Ragnarock Blu Ray on sale at BestBuy.com & Amazon.com for $9.99 + FS


    Also can someone please confirm if the blu ray does comes with dubbed english audio ? as mention on blu-ray.com website ?




    For my review I watched with subtitles.


    Agree completely Max on Kingsman.

  4. Thanks for the welcome.


    And initially that is what I thought, but looking at the graphs w particular time stamps, there looks to still be a significant amount in the 20hz-80hz range for Star Trek. That first graph, I can tell you I feel and hear almost nothing at all.

    I've got Captivators with 17Hz port tune. I find Star Trek not to be at all lacking even though I don't experience full bandwidth effects. However when I watched this for the first time something was amiss. Can't recall exactly but I think it was just after I moved house and hadn't EQ'd properly. I didn't get what the fuss was about but redid the EQ and it was night and day. A great bass movie.


    Oh.... And welcome to Data Bass.

  5. The audio in this was outstanding IMO. Lots of detail and brilliantly done. The bass is also excellent but not in a gratuitous way, sort of like an iron fist in a velvet glove. It's not laid on thick but is so clean and immersive. It's this reason I'm giving it five stars, not because there's lots of it but because what's there is uncorrupted with a couple of excellent demo scenes.  

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  6. That is a pretty good price on a 9000i. That amp should be close to a pair of XLS 5000's on real world content, even if it may not be quite as capable of being used for welding. I doubt you'd have the circuits required to weld with a pair of XLS 5000's anyway. I don't know the roll off for sure but Crown has seemed to favor a 8Hz DC filter for their lightweight amps in years past. It should be -3dB at 8Hz at dropping rapidly below that point.

    Thanks Josh

  7. What do you guys think about the Crown 9000i Macrotech amplifier? Quotes 8Ohm bridge at 6000W. I already have a Crown XLS 5000 and it is rated 20Hz with rolloff below that (how much I'm not sure). The specs say rolloff below 20Hz also for the 9000i but would this mean similar or the same to the XLS5000 rolloff? I am happy with the result to port tune using the XLS5000 but was looking at replacing my Behringer EP4000 which is power limited. The 9000i seems like it would be way more than enough power to run my Captivator but is that a bad thing if I don't use it all? I can pick up the 9000i for about $1200 used in Australia would like to know what others think about this amp.

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