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    iPAL enclosure details

    Thanks for the great feedback! Not. Guessing you have to belong to a secret squirrel group to get a discussion going? Thanks for the info over the years. Won't bother posting again.
  2. atltx

    iPAL enclosure details

    Can we take this a step further? I've decided to go forward with diy and I have questions. First, I own 1 Ns18 992-4. I need 3 more to feel comfortable. Powersoft k2/3 will get the job done. Big boxes. But wait. IpalMod seems to be available in other countries to anyone that can click add to cart. We can get the B&C Ipal here in the US. Can the placement of the sensor be handled by a diy'er? I really want the smaller enclosures. Test mules crossed over high for getting the most out of my ls50w's and a couple more experimental speakers in mind. Again. My question: Is the ipalmod route (sensor placement) feasible for the diy'er. Thanks
  3. Going to keep it. Too pretty.