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  1. The 32 is at farthest wall and 90 degrees to the system and the 2 x 21inch either side. Running speakers to 80hz. 21s from 80-40hz and 32 inch from 40hz down. Is this the right way to go?
  2. Thx very intuitive post. Thats why i decided to go with both designs. Large diameter long excursion 32 inch and 2 x 21 inch “faster” stiffer diffirent designed subs. The subs also allow setting over avb protocol so super fast time alignment possible. This is done by installer unfortunately as there is no plug and play system. I have a 500m3 area that needs to be filled.
  3. Btw i wanted to know what the forums members think of combining bass and sub bass. I really think not one sub can reproduce all the bass and sub bass info. 20-50hz a certain type of size and design works and 5-20hz another size and type of design. Ill repost some rew graphs when all eqd and calibrated. Will love to compare and have some input
  4. Hehe. I also dont have grill for the 32inch. Let me tell you i have jl audio f113v2 x 2, the room stopped responding at around 18hz. With the 32 i can go down to 8hz infra in 170m2 room and still feel it. Swopping my jls for the 21s in hope that ill get higher spl at 20-30hz range
  5. https://www.aia-cinema.com/active-speakers.html
  6. Guys please get hold of ascendo audio and ask for a test unit on one of their 21inch subs and or their 32\50 inch monsters

  7. Dionysus88


    Been hifi and cinema enthusiast for 10 years with experience in commercial gear. Interested in what diy and modders can do to gear and also their opinion regarding some lesser known brands. Anybody have experience with ascendo and their subwoofer and infra sonic gear? I currently own their 32 inch infra sonic and was blown away what this 32inch can do compared to jl audio rel and bowers and wilkins high end gear i also own. I live in south africa so very small enthusiast community. Im currently looking at the 21inch offerings but the frequency range compared to db1d or fathom f113v2 doesnt s
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