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  1. Subaru Commercial

    The commercial is called: Subaru I'm sorry. Just seemed odd that they would put some really low bass in a commercial which 99.9% of viewers would never hear.
  2. B&C 21DS115

    That's sort of what I was thinking. With a 15hz tune the big excursion wouldn't happen until the 12hz range and how much of that even exists. The inuke is probably down a good bit of power in that range anyhow. I'd be surprised if it could do 1k for longer than a second at 12hz.
  3. B&C 21DS115

    If using a bridged inuke 3000 for a single DS115-4 in a ported cab, will a HPF be necessary? If the driver can only be bottomed by a K20 I don't see why a HPF is needed. The sims show overexcursion but it seems like in real world the driver would be safe. This might let a little spl through below tune that would have otherwise been filtered out.
  4. Subaru Commercial

    Have any of you seen the Subaru commercial with the African American teen male in the silver legacy? There is some cool ULF in that commercial that surprised me. Odd that it's in a commercial and not even part of any action. Seems like it was meant to set the stage for a feeling of doom.
  5. Max Steel

    Just watched Max Steel. Rented it for my son even though the reviews were not good. I personally thought the movie was decent, although a little cheesy power ranger-ish. BUT, the bass was great. Lots of bass, and plenty of low stuff. No droning on, and the dialog was a pleasant level with nothing that bothered me. A couple very quick transients into surprise loudness/dynamics. Overall one of the better bass movies I've seen in a while. Could have been a good movie if it was cast better. I was actually scared for my sub a couple times.
  6. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Just need some IKEA fasteners and you're set. Do you need to put the whole inside together first, then inset it into the bottom? Looks like the horizontal panels and all of those channels would prevent you from assembling from the bottom up. Looking forward to the results. Don't you also have an Othorn to compare to?
  7. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Awesome! Will this have higher pressure in the throat than the Othorn? Seems like that space between the drivers could smash stuff at full power.
  8. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Sounds like you're stuck with Dayton. They're likely the only company that you can count on to have the same driver available for years to come. You could use an SI or Sundown but the driver might be discontinued a year from now. Alpine would work if you can shrink to 15s, or 4 12s. 4 sws 12s would be cheap and have a lot of stroke. And the options of dual coils would give any ohm load you needed. FS is high though.
  9. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    How about those two 18n862s you have? First cab would be really cheap.
  10. The Data-Bass Member Equipment List

    Luke has 8 sealed 21s and they still barely keep up with two othorns. Maybe if you put the sealed subs nearfield they will stand a chance. 0-30hz shouldn't be localizable at all. If they're 8-12 feet closer to you, that makes up a lot of lost spl to distance. Awesome stuff you have anyhow. Isn't there a processor available that can handle all of the work instead of those behringers?
  11. Yes, lots of waves and a big storm with thunder. The lowest bass seems to come from the boat though. Inside the engine room things get interesting. I'm not sure if there is any 0-15hz stuff since my system doesn't go that low, but there is plenty of the regular low stuff to keep you entertained. I think I actually turned mine down after the first engine room scene just to be careful. Interstellar was the only other time I've done that.
  12. Yes that's the one. Red box has it for $1.50.
  13. You'll be thinking what the hell is this guy thinking. This is a chick flick. Then that first engine room scene comes and you're like, ok, let's see where this goes.
  14. Anyone else try this movie out? I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more attention for its bass content. If you can make it through the first 30 minutes of character development, I promise that it will deliver tons of bass and a decent story.
  15. Ricci's Skhorn Subwoofer & Files

    Interesting design. Looks like you put a lot of work into this. I've stared at the graphics and I just can't imagine how you will be able to build a sturdy hatch recess and still have enough room to fit the driver in. It appears the driver is nearly touching 3 sides. So the hatch opening will need to be pretty close to the full height of the cab. That wouldn't leave any material for the hatch to mount to. And reaching the rear mounting screws looks very difficult. Hopefully I'm just not seeing how this all goes together. At first I thought maybe you were building the cab with the drivers installed. If it works like you think it will, I might just build one.