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Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters Execution and Recommendation Poll - CLOSED


Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters  

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (7.1 DTS-HD MA)


Level        - 2 Stars (105.4dB composite)
Extension - 2 Stars (21Hz)
Dynamics - 4 Stars (26.49dB)
Execution - 3 Stars (by poll)


Overall     - 2.75 Stars

Recommendation - Rent (by poll)


Notes:  Compared to the first one, Sea of Monsters is a real disappointment.  The PvA graph tells the whole story - a huge and steep decline after the sharp peak at 30Hz.  It's also very low level, and has what I would consider very weak dynamics for such low level.  The sound team left a lot on the table with this release, and it's noticeably badly designed compared to the first one.  Many of the effects are repeated throughout.  You'd think with the success of the first, they wouldn't mess with the recipe for the second iteration.  Sadly, the lower quality ingredients make this one wholly unappetizing.  It shouldn't have been served.





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