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In need of Thiele/Small Specs for -Gauss 5840 -15" woofer


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A quick Google on my end returns this:

See around about post #7.

Edit: My bad!  Looks like those specs are for the 4580, not the 5840.  An anagram, ehh?  I think a good question at this point is what do you need the data for?  Can you consider a more modern driver which, presumably has T/S specs published for it?

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I found that link before I joined the forum. The issue is that I bought a Peavey bass amp thinking that it had a Black Widow driver, that was the the stock driver. I have 2 Black Widow 15's both with silver dust caps. I figured that this driver, having the metal cap, was a Black Widow but actually it turn out to be the Gauss. Kind of a win win, possibly. I have 1 black widow in an Ampeg B100 R bass amp. Peavey said that it could work in a small box. Due to having another B100R, I wanted another BW. Now that I have the Gauss I need to know if it would work in a small box. That's why I need the specs. Something tells me that Gauss may have renamed the 5840 to the 4580. 


According to another site I found, the first number is the voice coil diameter (4"), the second number is the speaker diameter (15), the third number is the speaker ohm rating (8)

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