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The Internship Execution and Recommendation Poll - CLOSED


The Internship  

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The Internship (5.1 DTS-HD MA)

Level        - 2 Stars (105.00dB composite)
Extension - 3 Stars (17Hz)
Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.36dB)
Execution - 2 Stars (by poll)


Overall     - 3 Stars

Recommendation - Rent (by poll)


Notes:  Finally got roped into viewing this one, then figured I'd measure it because it's got a few bass scenes.  However, let me stress that it's not a bass film, and it's not very good.  The bass scenes are either part of the score, or they're sound effects that are used and reused.  The bass content is very, very low level and isn't used very artfully.  Overall, a complete snooze-fest.  I don't know if Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were ever funny, but don't they realize what trash movies they've "starred" in for the last 10+ years?





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