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Compare systems feature (new + improved)


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The real value of the hard work is probably in the comparisons. New tools for old data!

The new site now allows up to graphs from 4 systems to be seen at once. A user can see from the left hand section list which graphs have comparable series (only certain graphs apply). In this screen shot we are looking at the FV25HP and overlaying 3 systems shown in the header while looking at the Max output. A user can toggle on or off other systems (up to 3, rather than just 1 like before). The comparing is also sticky so a user can copy the URL and reopen it anywhere and see the data again w/o re-queuing the overlaid systems. As we populate the data this tool will become the bread and butter of the website.

Graphs like THD and compression are very rich in information too but are not appropriate for comparing outside of the system. That is more used as a tool to see how a particular system behaves with respect to voltage. A user can scroll through all of those graphs but they won't be overlaid with other THD graphs as the variables don't always make sense for comparison (voltage and db changes, etc, and the sheer number of series would be unwieldy)



Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 2.40.45 PM.png

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