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Aura NS-525-255-8a, 30 available - SOLD


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Why not line-array Atmos while you're at it?  :)  Or are you thinking of doing simple ceiling speakers for Atmos?  Or just skipping Atmos altogether?

I know 7.1 is out of the question in my own space without putting the "rears" overhead, so it'd make more sense to do real Atmos overheads instead.  However, I'm reluctant to do that either because I'm afraid that with my 8 foot ceiling I would not be able to achieve seamless integration of the overheads with the rest of the speakers.  In my current 5.1 setup, the speakers and room effectively disappear and the images seem to be suspended within an infinite expanse no matter where I sit.  It is very immersive, even if the images are not placed as accurately as they maybe should be.  I don't want to lose that quality.

In all the Atmos systems I've heard so far, both cinema and home, the images localize too much to the speakers, making it seem like the sounds are panning around the room, which makes it very hard to ignore the room.  I'm sure that's not really a problem with Atmos but rather with room design and system configuration priorities.  What is more important?  Adding more speakers?  Or getting better sound out of a smaller number of speakers?  Then consider that even if one is able to install 11 great sounding speakers in ideal room locations for multiple listener coverage (if that's your goal) and for the acoustics, those additional speakers also need to be calibrated and configured optimally, which is immensely more involved than for just 5.  How will those speakers integrate with one another?  Getting distances optimized is sadly well beyond what most home theater people (and possibly cinemas) are capable of doing.  What about phase and timbre matching?  Practically no one uses the exactly same speakers up front as they do for surrounds and overheads.

So I'm that old guy who's shouting "Get 5.1/7.1 right first before adding more speakers!"  Even though, I'm a bit envious of those people whose rooms allow for proper rears and overheads that don't break the magic for people who aren't sitting dead center.

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Hmm.  Now I find myself contemplating a pair of flat hybrid-CBT ceiling arrays each accepting 2 or 3 inputs to render Atmos overhead channels.  The hard part would be the electronics, including a need for separate low-noise (!) DSP/DAC/amp chips for each transducer, but I bet it would offer amazing Atmos sound even over a wide listening area in a room with 8 foot ceilings.

Edit:  Err, sorry to crash your thread.  I do hope these drivers find a good home.

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