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Marauders (2016)


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I didn't want my post in the LFE thread to get buried so here is a thread about the movie.


Picked up this movie a few days ago and took some screen captures using SpecLab of what my Dual Opposed HST-11's were shelling out during scenes of this movie. This movie is FULL of ridiculous LFE - these screen shots are only a tiny amount of the bass assault throughout the entire movie:


Main bank robbery scene with main characters starting at the bottom of stairs:





Same scene when the robber says "No what are you doing?!":





Get me Wells jacket:





Very end of the movie when a character says "I'll go to hell so can go to heaven": 



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What is that bass associated with?  Is it big FX or just mood rumble?  Looks massive in any case.....


I'm glad you asked the way you asked because I was having a hard time trying to put the bass into something everyone could relate to. It is mood rumble...except for the last scene and the stop light scene. Those two scenes are just flat-out scary super low LFE bursts.


You can see by the captures that the ULF info is not "hot" (light blue / white) but rather still in the blue and purple spectrum of SpecLab indicating a solid amount of info but not a major attention draw as far as output at that frequency is concerned. 


But for most of the scenes I captured the bass is part of the scene and music. Yes the bass is deep but it is not WOTW style where you KNOW the ULFE is there with the rumbles, etc, - the mood rumble has major helft to it and that is what you see in the captures. On a side note I thought the dynamics were very good in the gun fight scenes and the entire movie overall. 

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