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Any guesses on how The Force Awakens measures up?


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I've seen this twice. The first time I walked away very disappointed in the audio side. Didn't really hear anything low; however, I kept in mind that the theater itself could be the issue. My second viewing was in a totally different theater, one I'd never been to before. No, having already seen it I could focus more on the audio side. It was much better the second time. Several scenes that had almost no bass had a good amount. So, I was happy about that. That being said, I don't believe this will be a bass monster. It has the potential, but I'm not hopeful.

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So since it was mentioned I decided to graph the train crash sequence from Super 8 to see if it's filtered.  The results speak for themselves:




Looks like a HPF is in place around 25Hz, as the levels drop off fast under that.  There are some strong hits above 25 Hz but little ULF.


Also, this scene has some nasty clipping:




The tops of the waveforms appear slightly rounded off so it's likely to be overly aggressive compression vs brick walled limiting, but there's still an awful lot of it in the LCR channels.


The rest of the movie looks pretty similar, with rampant clipping during action scenes and no real depth to the bass.


I had my fingers crossed for the Force Awakens but there's a rising possibility that it will be 25 to 30Hz filtered with some prominent clipping.  JJ definitely seems to have gone off the reservation after the first Star Trek......

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