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What is your measurement apparatus like?  Is the woofer measured down-firing or side-firing?  And is it mounted on a well-anchored, large open baffle?  Or is it free air?  These things might make a significant difference, which may be more pronounced with some drivers than others.

I've only ever measured my drivers the "wrong way"--- facing up on a table top, and my BL measurements almost always come in a bit below spec.  Except once, when I tipped and carefully held a driver in a horizontal orientation for an impedance sweep so I could compare.  I did read a higher BL that way, but not as high as spec.  I suspect a properly anchored measurement jig would close the rest of the gap.  Either way, my final product(s) have tended to perform closer to manufacturer's specs, so I just accept that my measurement methods tend to low-ball BL.

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