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  1. Wow thanks so much Domme, Ricci, Tahoejmfc, and Jay!! I really appreciate your expertise. Noted on the gluing order. Sounds like I will have to build an arsenal of clamps and see what happens! The comments about the amps makes sense. I will try to find some arrangement that pushes 4k to each driver with the minimal amount of boxes. The notes re: air dynamics all make sense and help me understand. Its such a compact box for a 21 that I'm sure maximizing volume was challenging to say the least. Tahoe JMFC which camp were you with? I was with Lux elixirs (fairly small audio setup this year). Jay I'm surprised to hear that the 6 SKRAMS that have trouble keeping up with the Danleys. I would have assumed it would be the other way around. I have listened to the 46's at about 80% capacity and they are loud but not quite as loud as you might guess. Which drivers do you have in your SKRAMs? Blessings!!
  2. Hi! Thank you all for a riveting 40 pages of juicy tips. Thank you Ricci for the fantastic design!! I am sold. I am pulling the trigger on building 6 of these and I have a few questions for yall. In advance, please forgive my ignorance regarding everything. 1. I see in a lot of other designs the "rounding off" of corners and deep pockets in the cabs. In the fluid mechanics world, you get a lot of turbulence around sharp corners and pockets in pipes and vessels. The SKRAM obviously sounds great to a lot of experts but it seems to have pretty aggressive corners and sharp directional changes. Im sure Ricci thought about this but I would love to know the thinking from a design perspective specifically with air as it moves around panel F and 90* turns in the back of the cab. Does it not really matter with subs? 2. Any guidance from anyone who has built these how tf you go about gluing these together? Are there certain groups of parts you do in different groups? I saw the one poster a while back who kinda sent it all at once.. Id love to better understand how to approach the gluing process. 3. Im looking at using the B&C 21SW152's in 4 ohm. Which amps would yall recommend? I am powering my Danley's with Linea. Ideally Id like to power all the subs off one amp for simplicity's sake (Linea 44M20, 20,000wattsRMS) using three channels split to two subs each wired in parallel. The amp goes down to 2 ohm but output is 3,000wattsrms for the 4 ohm and 1,500wattsrms for the 8 ohm respectively. If I bridge them I can apparently get 10,000 watts RMS at 4 ohms from each pair.. I dont know enough about amps to know whether it would be better to run two skrams off on one output in series or parallel given the wattage rating changes. Any thoughts about this? I could always change the drivers to 8 ohm and run them in parallel but the 1500 watt rms rating seems undersized..? 4. I will try to take a lot of photos and post the build here. I promise some nice videos once were rumbling. 5. I plan to take Ricci's files and have them cut out of 4x8' sheets (13x18mm, 1x12mm) with a cnc my cousin has. It seems like the only cuts that might not be able to be made with the CNC are the angled cuts for panel F and the front panel which I can manage on a table saw. It seems fairly straightforward but am I being short-sighted? 6. Im budgeting about 11,500 for the six with all costs. I anticipate it being 2,000 less, however, these types of projects have a way of creeping up on budgets ;). Still way cheaper than used TH118's I have been scoping for a long time. Thanks in advance! I am so stoked!!!
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