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  1. Thanks for the link to Limiter guideline. My active version of the Skram's is done. I just need to load the Eminence's and setup the limiters.
  2. Hi All, Finally I have all the parts for my for my active versions built. I'm using NSW6021-6 21" with Loto Dsp amp module from powersoft with either the 3004PFC2 or 4HV amplifier amp modules, I might try both amps options...The DSP has a few limit options available. What's the best value for the NSW6021-6 driver for the following limiters. 1, TruePower TM 2, RMS Voltage 3, RMS current 4, Peak Limiter Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply....Sorry I should have been more specific. The subs I'm currently using are 4 Axiom Proel 18" subs.Loaded with 18Sound Neo drivers and 2000w Powersoft plate amps..Not a DIY. I'm looking to down size in terms of number of subs. Will 2 skram outperform the 4 single 18's. I do mainly live band stuff. Output Below 30Hz not required. Thanks
  4. Hi Guys & Girls I'm currently using 4 single 18" subs. Maximum peak SPL is 134 dB @ 1m per cab. How many skram will I need to match the 4 single 18" subs. Thanks
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