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  1. @m_msThe CX800 is a sub developed by PK sound geared primarily towards electronic bass music. They are quite popular around here in the electronic music scene as having PK on your flyer generates a decent amount of hype for these types of shows. Now this is my own opinion based on experiences attending and throwing events on the BC West Coast but i have found they suffer from pretty bad port compression especially when pushed even reasonably hard. The bass essentially turns into a very boomy/chuffy/distorted one note kinda deal that's meant to be more felt than heard. When run properly arrayed and at a reasonable level they can sound pretty good for dubstep and drum&bass but i have found that the Skrams sound way tighter and punchier overall especially when it comes to house/techno/trance. Kick drums sound like actual kick drums where as on the cx800 the kick often loses its definition. At the end of the day i think the Skrams just do a better job overall at reproducing the original program material compared to the cx800 which impart more of their PK signature sound which sacrifices musicality for a more visceral feeling. There are many examples of ported double 18's out there that don't suffer from this type of problem, it just so happens that in our scene PK sound is used almost exclusively now a days so that's why people at the show noticed the difference in the Skrams.
  2. I have them loaded with B&C 21ds115-4's. The soundsystem will be primarily used for small to medium sized outdoor parties where we might not always have adequate generator power so i figured the extra sensitivity of the 21ds115's might come in handy in certain cases. Although from what I understand the 21sw152 will go aprox 2-3db louder before power compression sets in? We also considered the new Eminence drivers however they seemed like they would be even harder to power properly in order to get the most out of them. The 44m20 amp has been absolutely incredible to use. I reckon it could power 8 Skrams in a pinch. We were using a Morin k30 before and although it had plenty of power it was extremely hard on our generators. The Linea seems to be much more efficient and also there was a noticeable improvement in the tightness of the bass produced. The linea amp also limits it current draw to match the power source which has been super handy as well as integrating seamlessly with our Linea ASC48 in System Engineer. Also wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and time you put in to sharing your knowledge and designs with us! This whole project has been extremely fun and rewarding and wouldn't be possible without resources such as these.
  3. Had a pretty good outing this past weekend with our 4 Skrams and 2 Keystone subs for a 400 person event! Skrams are running off a Linea research 44m20. Tops are a pair of PM90 mid-highs which we just completed and powered by custom Hypex amps with a Linea Research ASC48 for sound processing . Was extremely limited on speaker placement because of the low tents and would have liked to run the Skrams on their sides or separated them slightly to spread out the coverage. Once we retire the keystones I think we may need to build another 2-4 Skrams to keep up with the Midhighs for bass heavy music but really impressed with the output overall! Got a lot of good feedback regarding the sound and people really appreciate the change from the usual PK cx800 double 18 subs that have over-saturated the market on the BC west coast.
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