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  1. Hi Again, I have my 4 Skrams coupled together laying on there sides. Supposedly I get a 6db gain having the subs coupled the way I do. https://www.instagram.com/p/CxHiRfTORnW/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CxBrd97yXa9/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Cxrt5nxLvu5/?img_index=1 BC21SW152 4 ohm drivers I am using 2 QSC PL380 amps in Stereo My generator is a gov surplus Onan Quiet Diesel HDKAV 6000 watt. I am starting to max this genny out, and when I add my lasers I have to put them on a differnet generator. I do not use any Dampening because I don't want the Playa dust having a media to cling to inside. I am Running Meyer UPQ tops with a 15" drive and 4" horn for my Mains, and Meyer UPJ's with 10" drive and 2" horn for my Fills. This System is OFF THE HOOK!!!! Thanks again Josh, This years Burning Man was fantastic because of your design!!!! Edna is starting to get a big following of BASS HEADS!! YOUR DESIGN KICKS ASS!!! THANK YOU!!!
  2. Hi Everyone, I have another art car project and am looking for a cabinet for 18" drivers. Im looking at the 18" BC Speakers 18SW152 driver and a powersoft plate amp. I currently own 4 SKRAMS, but cannot get another amp for the 2 new ones I have built. Do you have any suggested designs for a 18" driver? Thanks!
  3. OOPS I DID IT AGAIN, and built 2 more SKRAMS making this 4 SKRAM's in my collection. I decided to do this because I upgraded my tops to Meyer Sound UPQ's and needed more BASS. Now I just need to find a amp and more money to afford it. B&C 21SW152's cost 950$ each, 200$ more than pre-covid. My QSC PL380 amp is 700$ more now and backordered.
  4. would using an Ipal Driver over the standard driver like its brother the 21SW152 make a big difference? would I see a larger return for my money?
  5. Because all of the Driver specs change, you cannot just look at the physical dimensions of the driver and say because it fits in the box it will sound ok. One major difference is the Vas changes from 7.0 ft3 for the 21sw152 to a smaller 5.47 ft3 for the ipal 21SW152 https://bcspeakers.com/en/products/lf-driver/21-0/4/21sw152-4 21ipal https://bcspeakers.com/en/products/lf-driver/21-0/1/21ipal
  6. Has anyone used or considered using a IPAL driver in a Skram? Im guessing the box would have to change.
  7. Welcome to the Rabbit hole of BASS! Correct me if I am wrong with any of this....... I use the B&C 21SW152's at 4ohm with a QSC PL380 amp. This amp drives 2 SKRAMS, with room to melt the coil if you turn the clip limit switch off.(I know from accidental experience) I have thought about running 4 x 8 ohm drivers with this one amp in series as well, but figure that would be pushing the amp alot and I typically use the amp at Burning Man and it was %*&#^@ hot this year so it prolly would not be the best idea as the amp would be turned all the way up instead of running at 50-60% like I currently am. I pair the 2 SKRAMS with Meyer Sound UPJ's and run the tops at -6db for most outdoor venues and -10db for most indoor venues (unless it gets really crowded, then I go to -4db outdoors for the tops and -6db for indoor.... Otherwise the tops are Too Bright). I have Meyer Sound UPQ's on order and will need to double my SKRAMS to keep up with the UPQ's output so I plan on building 2 more of these unless I just go straight to the Powersoft 30" M-Force subs but they are 12,000$ a pair with amp and you have to wait a year to get the drivers. If you are going with 6 SKRAMS you will need quite the tops to compete as these Bass Bins output some serious BASS!!! Jay on here has quite the system with I think it was Danley tops, he might be one to DM. I would always cut in the grooves to build these boxes, serious forces going on here and you need the cabs to be rock solid, make sure you use the best Baltic Birch you can find, PU Glue and lots of pre-drilled screws. One option if you do not have access to a CNC router is to find a local makers space that has one, I used the TRUCKEE ROUNDHOUSE shop bot to make mine. GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE BASS BE WITH YOU!
  8. I love how many people have built these subs! Also, I just love these subs as well. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CalY8Y1Bi6D/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  9. I am in North Lake Tahoe, Truck is stored and worked on in Truckee. We rollout to the Black Rock Desert or a couple spots in the woods. You are in Canada? Would love to combine forces!
  10. Unfortunately this project has fallen through. Powersoft just had to up the price of the M-drive and Amp, They also want my 11,500$ now and delivery will be in June, Maybe. I said I cannot give you that much money and then wait that long. They just said well in June, if you try to buy then, the wait could be even longer. So I bought 3 X 10 Watt Pangolin Unity RGB lasers instead with the money. I will plan on chasing after this maybe next summer and try again. I put together all the cut files for the cnc, have the plywood and am ready to cnc cut when they do get back in stock with out the long lead time. The plans I have ready are for the EDM sub design if anyone wants the converted to proper scale illustrator files. Emmersive Audio in Venture was helping me with this being that they are the Powersoft west coast reps. Brion is really great with my questions and owns a set of the 1st version of these drivers with Danley tops. I want these drivers on the art car alongside the SKRAMS, so this will be happening in the future. Here is the project that got me interested in these drivers, it was for a Roots Society project, built by Robert Lee of Bass Boss. 8 M-Drive 30" Drivers https://www.instagram.com/p/BKYtbHjj5LL/?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/BKBJI8-j1_-/?utm_medium=copy_link This only partly worked, the sherpa bought the wrong plywood for the horn and the bass would bust right through the osb when turned way up. INTENSE even not fully turned up. as you can see the boxes holding the subs were built with the proper birch. I want to add the photo but Im capped at 33kB for pics
  11. Being a dual SKRAM owner and using the B&C 21SW152 for the last 1.5 years in this setup, I agree with Jay's description of how they sound. They are simply too brutish and over excited the room even at lower volumes. - This is in my 2 car garage/workshop. They are War Machines, these things kick ass and people take notice immediately. When paired with the right tops, like the Danleys or Meyers in my case, you're going to rock the house. If I was to build a system for in my house, I'd go with the BC 18SW152 in a dual setup or something much much lighter. The 21's are just too much and there sound doesn't really fit properly in a small space. (Coming from a Strictly Bass Head Opinion and not a home theater guy opinion...yet) Tops usually are not pointed so far down, was in backyard
  12. Hi Everyone, I am looking into building the EDM version of the design that Powersoft has released for my art car. I currently have 2 SKRAMS with B&C 21SW152's on a QSC PL380 amp with 2 Meyer Sound UPJ Tops. The SKRAMS are amazing!!!! Thank you Josh! Instagram @jackalotus I have downloaded the plans from Powersoft and am working them through illustrator. I have spoken with the west coast Powersoft reps at Emmersive Production Services in Ventura CA who are Very Helpful. He has 2 of the 1st version M-Force Drivers he is using and loves them. I was originally introduced to the M-Force at Burning man by David Lee at Bass Boss. He had 4 of these drivers set up on a walk in horn design subwoofer running just under 60,000 watts of total power. You can see Emmersives subs on their instagram @emmersiveproduction Current Cost of 18mm Baltic Birch in Reno is 158$ for a 4x8 piece and 105$ for a 5x5 piece. The Design takes 4 sheets of 4x8 18mm Baltic birch. The CNC routing is a bit more complex, multiple pieces need to have grooves on both side of the plywood which will take some time to do properly.
  13. I have 2 SKRAMS, both with B&C 21SW152 4ohm. And Yes, Crispy ass coils, wow did it ever fry those wires. i did learn while rebuilding, that their is alot of space inside the space the coil moves within. The backside of the 21SW152 has multiple holes that vent heat and the space is about 5-8mm wide.
  14. https://www.instagram.com/jackalotus/ you can see the driver being taken apart as well as the Playa deployment in my feed and my story and story archive for BC speakers has more
  15. Well, I finally blew a B&C Speakers 21SW152- 4ohm in a SKRAM running a QSC - PL380. Burnt the coil up real good. In my rush to get the system running on the Playa I accidentally hit the clip limit switch OFF on the PL-380. I currently am working on a RECONE and am having trouble deciding on the glue to use. Regarding the SKRAM design after using them now for 6 months. OUTSTANDING!!!! With a quality driver like the B&C 21SW152 the Bass is as others put it, LUXURIOUS! Paired with Meyers Sound Tops, incredible!
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