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  1. Thank you for the education kind sir Back on topic"""" I got to say, I loved the 4 basstech7's I used to own back in the 90's (apart from the structural damage I unknowingly caused here & there )topped off with some nice community 2x15 fibreglass bass horns,JBL titanium tops mounted bass tops bass between them,& M4's on top was truly jaw dropping at 50 ft. just wish the linear drive tech had been pursued by Tom Danley with ore robust motor solutions cause if those were driving some 21" cones at crazy long strokes for sub loving folks I'm sure they'd rock more than just my world. I then spent the next 28 years working with & listening to every touring rig that past through London comparative garbage. there were a couple of shows that with jaw dropping clean sub - M Jackson the other was U2 both used Tom's Crazy clean Servo's. crazy cause they take you breath away not your hearing.
  2. that's crazy i live 20 minutes drive from there base but i never heard of them before.
  3. i'm just an old clueless rock'n roll grunt half deaf after 30 years of in & outs, so i gotta ask are any of these of any use in a subwoofer? http://www.b2audio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/xmv2_man.pdf
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