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  1. Same here, I've only done 2 sets of speakers with ply, always worked with mdf. I know it "feels" cheezy to use it on something like this. Going to try to get a quote from one more place that dsl suggested, but if it goes too far into 4 figures, I'll be using mdf, because I straight up can't afford it, especially if there isn't a specific reason, I.E "it's going to blow apart at the seams at S1." Ugly / 400lbs / not water resistant isn't high enough on my priority list to warrant twice or thrice the expense, normally.
  2. True, the local Menards has 13 ply BB for ~twice-ish mdf, which would be fine, problem is, I don't have access to a truck anymore, and they want almost 600 dollars to deliver it. I can get Lowes to bring me 10 sheets of mdf for 59 bucks + wood. Both of the semi-local lumber yards I called won't deliver. Honestly I don't mind mdf. It's only failed me once when a basement flood killed my lab12 horns.
  3. That's what I was figuring, I just didn't want to find out the hard way that someone made one with mdf and it came apart, lol.
  4. Has anyone built one of these with MDF? I remember seeing someone mention it, although I can't remember who, that they didn't recommend building these with mdf. I was curious if there was a reason besides ugliness and weight.
  5. I'll probably run 1 blocked, but it depends on how it measures in it's final resting place I guess.
  6. They may end up being used for theater, but probably not very often. Primarily I'm just after pretty damn loud with low distortion. To date, the only subwoofer I've built that impressed me were the lab12 ths I built. Been building and chasing for about 20 years and I've mostly stuck to simple vented cabs, but the th is happier playing up at levels I find fun, so rather than build yet another vented cab that'll get me into the 120s sweating bullets, these are more likely to get me grinning. If I end up missing that bottom end, I'll start ordering 24s for next year's fun time. Swapping the plug in and out was one of the things that caught my attention when I started looking at this. Do I want dubstep mode or metal mode? Hmmm... You are correct though, I'm sure the output will far outpace what a single sealed 18 would do, even at 1 foot from mlp distance. I'll come up with something, eventually. If I even miss it.
  7. I am totally going to try to build two of these. I started off by thinking about building 4 larger vented cabs for the 21sw152s I picked up, which morphed into thinking about othorns, and well, here I am. If I miss that last little bit below 25, I'll slap a sealed 18 behind my couch and call it a day. Edit: Or if DSL is still about, a couple of these cabs fresh off the cnc would be epic!
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