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  1. So box dont need any eq just need now room eq right ??
  2. i have four skram box in my theater room and two port block tune to 20hz iss there any specially eq needed the driver used is b&c 21SW152 4ohm
  3. Hi every one. i have some jbl 2279h drivers 18inch is it useable for home theater 20hz bass or 25hz box like marty Here are the specifications
  4. i have one pair of skram box with b&c 21ds115 4ohm So now i purchased some lavoce 21 drivers so thinking for ckram
  5. is there any cnc cut list for mdf sheet 4feet x8 feet
  6. For movies Skram vs ckram Which one is good
  7. Hey every one hope every think is going well Do 8x stereo integrity ht18 v3 (marty box) Perform well then The 4x lavoce 21inch (devastator) subwoofers Room size 17 feet wide and 21 feet length and 12 feet high dedicated for home theater How the mid and ultra low basses of 8x 18s compair to 4x 21s Only for movies Thanks
  8. Any one have 8x4 feet 18mm mdf sheet file for cnc machine for skhorn kindly share bcz here in our country there is no plywood 5x5 feet thanks
  9. Logitech z5500 driver vs polk audio hts10 woofer What a shame polk
  10. here in our cuntry only mdf avilable and the size is in pic and can i make skram with this size mdf
  11. if i make a mbm type box iss it fine
  12. well ricci my main need is 30hz and up to 120hz i need tiet punchy basses for ultra low i use an other subs drivers
  13. well i m not ture 20hz lover i need good punchy bass recently i make a box its 18cubic feet 16hz tune it good around 15 to 70hz but after that its show lack mid basses like from 80 to 120 so that y my eyes on skram and i have a pair of 21ds115 4ohm room is 13.5feet wide x15.5 lengthy x8high and fully seal room no window etc
  14. are those skram are good in movies with 21ds115 4ohm driver
  15. and my mind was on tekton 21sub its 30x24.5x20 inch with one port and what the port size is any one know ?
  16. hope everyone is fine last time i make a box for my dual b&c 21ds115 4ohm and i m very disappointed from the result the box is 18cubic feet and tune to 16hz and its realy very wrak response in punchy basses now i need a small box with good punch bass any hlep would be good
  17. ok guys i figure it out it all the lose screws so the driver is not tiet and it doing thing worse in bass
  18. i recently diy a subwoofer with b&c 21ds115 4ohm amplifire is qsc rmx5050 its lack in rumble like basses some time in punch too i noticed the subwoofer box is too much vibrating during these bass here are some pics and mu subwoofer cut list
  19. well here is the bad news i got the 21ds115 4ohm
  20. i have a deal of 12x polk audio hts12 raw driver pair is around 100$ so for all 600$ can i make a ztx 3x12 like subwoofer
  21. and whts ur thoughts on b&c 21ds115 vs 21sw152 littel diference in price ds is littel cheap
  22. ok once i get them will start with ported box
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