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  1. Can one conclude that the Behringer inuke nu6000 puts out more power than the Crest 7.5 based on the results of lukeamdman test compared to this test: http://forum.speakerplans.com/behringer-inuke-nu6000-vs-kam-kxd7200-bench-tested_topic69202.html The nu6000 puts out 1,800 watts for bass duty at 4 ohms and the crest 7.5 puts out 1,668 watts at 2 ohms. I would assume the crest 7.5 wouldn't put out any more watts at 4 ohms compared to 2 ohms. Looks like the power supply would prevent this from happening. I have the peavey ipr2 7500 and I heard it's power supply is even worse. Am I right in this conclusion? Kind of disappointed I paid double for the peavey ipr2 7500 compared to the nu6000 if this is the case.
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